Zimbabwe: Pride of lions kills 5 poachers and injures 3 others

Harare | The Zimbabwean authorities have confirmed that 5 men were killed and 3 others were severely injured when attacked by a pride of lions in the Hwange National Park, in the Matabeleland North province.

The victims are local poachers who were illegally hunting for elephants inside the boundaries the national park, when they were surprised by a group of almost twenty adult Southwest African lions, the same species as Cecil the Lion, who died a few kilometers from the site in July 215.

The felines’ attack was so sudden and violent, that five of the ten men were killed, three severely injured and two were only lightly injured, while the animals were mostly unhurt.

The survivors abandoned their dead comrades on the site and hurried back to a nearby village for medical care, where they were rapidly arrested.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, told reporters that the poachers were visibly terrified by their experience and he hopes this incident serves as a lesson to other poachers.

“The men were visibly traumatized by the attack,” said Commissioner-General Chihuri, “and after seeing their injuries and the remains of their dead comrades, I can see why. These guys tough criminals carrying ak-47s, but they were literally shred to pieces and devoured by the lions. I have never seen an animal attack reach this level of violence, and I have seen a lot!” 


The Commissioner-General of Zimbabwe Republic Police, Augustine Chihuri, described the scene as “a horrible bloodbath”, with many bones and bits of flesh scattered over hundreds of square meters.

The surviving poachers will now face a wide array of criminal charges if they survive their injuries. The charges brought by prosecutors include illegal-hunting, possession of illegal weapons and contravening the Parks and Wildlife Act.

Their first appearance in court is expected to take place on April 4th, when they will be facing sentences of up to 25 years in jail and fines of up to US$100 000.

11 Comments on "Zimbabwe: Pride of lions kills 5 poachers and injures 3 others"

  1. Marilyn Corrado | July 7, 2016 at 5:57 pm | Reply

    Love reading articles like this. Are humans every going to learn

  2. To Charity: Are you then an apologist for the poaching fraternity? I’m convinced there must be honest means available in this country to ‘feed a family’. Please get off your high horse and direct some sympathy to the African species being driven to extinction by this criminal activity.

  3. it’s so easy for you all to celebrate this news. These people will never risk their lives doing this illegal things if they have a choice. They know the odds of poaching, yet they still do this because they have a family to feed. WE are all hypocrite. How could you celebrate some people’s death?

  4. A platter of JUSTICE was served up! Good riddance to all of those rotten two-legged varmints.

  5. You all are very judgemental. Yes, they are poachers and they have little baby children they need to feed. They have no work, no education trying their best to survive. Yet , you’ll assholes sits in the computer and nicely have a tea and eat expensive food. Insult people daily like you all are animal lovers and eat steaks and burgers. dumb asses

    • zsue mescde | July 7, 2016 at 10:00 pm |

      No… some of us have liked in the area and there are ways they can earn money so unless you know what your talking about be careful on what you think you know……

    • Most of the time these people do it for the money…..kids have stuff all to do with it. Maybe you should actually read about the poaching going on in Africa and then perhaps you could make decent comment instead of talking bloody drivel!

    • Oh and you are the judgemental one by assuming that we eat meat…I am a vegetarian. Dumb ass!

    • Yes!!! This!!!! Finally a comment I can agree with.

    • you’re the asshole id kill a dog if it tried to kill me id hunt and cook a pig , duck or deer but there are some things not even for more that im not willing to do .. id never poach , torture , or hunt endangered beautiful animals .. how about you bub? have you ever worked in a animal shelter? what have you ever done for animals ? squat right?

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