Yemen: Court Rules Teenager Has to Marry Impregnated Camel

Kaninah | A Yemen elderly court has ordered a 15-year-old teenager caught engaging in sexual activity with a camel to marry the animal.

The young boy admitted to having repeatedly mated with the animal during the course of the last year when he developed an “uncontrollable urge” to do so and felt obliged to come out publicly and admit to his crime after the camel gave birth and the young boy believed he was the father.

“Although we do not believe he is the father of the young calf, to punish him of his evil ways and purge him of his demons, we the council of elders ask that the young boy be married to the camel,” said the village spokesman, as recounted by eyewitness testimonies.


To rid the young boy of evil Jinns (spirits) and teach him a lesson, the court of elders forced the young boy to marry the camel who recently gave birth, explained to reporters Mohammed Mulak, the village spokesman

A relieved young man

Although the young man has received a punishment that has shamed him and his family, friends and family members report that the young man is satisfied with the verdict.

“He is very ashamed of his wrong doings but is very relieved to have learned that he is not the father of the calf,” his aunt told local reporters. “He says he felt he was not ready for such responsibilities and is very glad to put this behind him,” she told reporters.

Possessed by evil spirits

The local imam claims the young boy has been possessed by evil spirits and the marriage with the animal should ward off the bad omen brought by the insidious act.

“It is necessary to cleanse this young boy of his evil actions and the marriage should protect him from evil Jinns (spirits) and bring forth Allah’s protection within this weak boy’s soul,” he explained. “May Allah protect him and his family,” he added.

According to Sharia or Islamic law, the camel is set to be put to death and the young man’s family is to pay for its replacement, has proclaimed the elderly court.

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  1. Ralph Cramden | May 31, 2016 at 8:29 pm | Reply

    “Humpin’ to please”

  2. Yup. It’s ok for boys (and men) to rape.
    Rape animals, rape women and girls, rape boys …

    But we have these problems here, in the Western countries also.

    My friend Ally is a pediatrician and my friend Gracie is a social worker; they have seen their share of small children (boys and girls) raped, even by their own fathers.
    In Australia there are “animal brothels” where men pay to have sex with animals as small as Koalas. That’s the equivalent of having sex with a small child.
    In Florida the Reptile Zoo keeper was killed (by a bigger alligator) while he was raping one of the female alligators.
    That’s here, in our part of the world …

  3. Yup. It’s ok for boys to rape. Rape animals, rape girls, rape boys …

  4. The more I read about the ways of islam the more I hate and despise it. I think many muslims would agree but they cant because they would be killed. The young muslim people should hang these hard line rule makers. They say women are not human, im left handed would they cuty hand off for that. A world without islam will be a better place for all.

  5. Wait why did they have to kill the camel? I say put the guy in prison for 20 years, and put the camel and its’ calf in some kind of reservation. Beastiality is messed up.

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