Woman sues ex-roommate for $1.2m for training her parrot to sexually harass her

A woman filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her ex-roommate for teaching her pet parrot dozens of lewd remarks which it would repeat hundreds of times every day.

26-year old Sarah Johnson from Louisville in Kentucky claims that her former roommate, 27-year old Steven Moore, caused her psychological and emotional trauma by pushing her pet parrot to sexually harass her.

According to the complaint, Mr. Moore taught the plaintiff’s bird, an orange-winged amazon parrot named Kiki, several short sentences of sexual nature, which the animal began repeating tirelessly.

Ms. Johnson kicked Mr. Moore out of their apartment after only six months but says Kiki continued harassing her for almost 3 years until she was finally forced to have her it euthanized.

The young woman explained her unusual situation in an interview with WHAS-TV.

“I loved that parrot until Steven moved in. I know it all began as a joke, but it totally ruined my life. It made me insecure about my physical appearance and my sexuality.”

Sarah Johnson says Kiki knew around twelves different sentences and would repeat them several hundred times every day.

“It kept yelling stuff like “show me your tits” and “stuff me in your pussy” all the time. It drove me crazy and was so embarrassing that I didn’t dare invite anyone at home.”

She says the constant harassment caused her to isolate herself socially and even suffer from a severe depression. She eventually dropped out of college, began drinking heavily and attempted twice to commit suicide.

Steven More’s lawyer, Mr. Gary White described Ms. Johson’s complaint as “ridiculous”, saying his client could not be held responsible for her bird’s behavior for years after he stopped seeing it.

This unusual as raised several questions concerning human legal responsibility in their pets’ behavior and also generated a lot of reactions on social media.

A few readers feel sympathy for Ms. Johnson and support her claim that her ex-roommate should be held responsible for the harassment she suffered.

However, a vast majority of comments seem to side with Mr. Moore and his lawyer, calling the lawsuit “pathetic”, “shameful” and “useless”.

This case is expected to return in court next week for the beginning of the hearings.

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