Woman sues ex-husband for $250,000 for making her believe she could get pregnant through anal sex

An Albuquerque woman is suing her husband for $250,000 after he made her believe for nine years that she could get pregnant by having anal sex.

Annabelle Cummings, 38, suffers from a medical condition known as dyspareunia, a persistent or recurrent genital pain that occurs just before, during or after intercourse.

The married couple was seeking an alternative way to conceive and Annabelle Cummings’s husband, Josh Cummings, reassured his wife that anal sex was less painful and made pregnancy possible.

During a nine-year period, Annabelle Cummings spent an estimated $183,000 in fertility-boosting injections and hormones and had to mortgage her house as well as work three jobs to pay for the treatments.

“We would have anal sex up to six times a day in the hopes of conceiving. On several occasions, we also invited one of his friends who has three kids for a threesome because I was so desperate to get fertilized,” Cummings told the judge in tears.

Annabelle Cummings’s lawyer, Hans Dietrich, believes her husband, who has been unemployed for the past decade, manipulated his wife into having anal sex because he never had any intention of impregnating his wife and did not want children.

“For the past nine years, my client was manipulated into practicing anal sex almost every day with the objective of getting pregnant and starting a family even though this is medically impossible,” attorney Hans Dietrich said in court.

Annabelle Cummings’s husband also enticed his wife into performing oral sex on him daily after claiming he had read an article stating that oral sex would increase her odds of becoming fertile.

Cummings’s attorney also showed evidence of several text messages found on the husband’s mobile phone bragging to a friend about how he had fooled his wife into giving him oral and anal sex daily with no chance of getting her pregnant.

Although the fertilization of the egg through anal sexual intercourse is medically impossible in heterosexual individuals, in 2003 a transsexual man who was assigned female at birth did claim that he had been impregnated after having anal sex.

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  2. Fuck sexual Predatots | November 2, 2020 at 12:26 pm | Reply

    And the friend participating in the 3some needs to be charged with Sexual Assault & assisting a crime.

    The other male friend needs to be charged with failure in duty to report the knowledge of a crime.

    If these ppl weren’t charged & don’t have to pay any compansation, it’s just another day of men getting away with crimes & given light sentences for sexual abuse of women & not ensure women justice,compansation & making sure ppl involved face a consequence bc it’s abt justice for victims,but also avoiding more victims being victimsed!

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