Woman sues doctor for $2M after he accidentally performed circumcision on her large clitoris

A Detroit woman is suing her doctor after he accidentally performed a circumcision on her abnormally large clitoris.

Suzan Young, 37, was hospitalized last week at the Saint Benedict Baptist Hospital after suffering from symptoms of vulvitis, an inflammation of the genitals.

Young’s clitoris had dangerously swollen after her husband had applied peanut butter on the area, a substance to which she is allergic.

“My client’s clitoris was swollen and although in its original condition it is already very impressive in size, there was no need to perform a circumcision onto the area,” Attorney Allan Bo Jackson explained to reporters.

Attorney Allan Bo Jackson claims that there was no reason to perform a circumcision on his client’s clitoris and that mistaking his client’s clitoris for a man’s penis is a flagrant case of medical negligence.

“I’ve suffered from having a large clitoris all my life. Most of my lovers never accepted the fact that my clitoris was larger than their own penises,” Suzan Young commented when reached on the phone.

The medical worker union representing Dr. Abdul Jabbar claims the doctor made an “honest mistake” alleging that the unusually large size of the clitoris led the doctor to believe he was performing an operation on a “more than average size penis.”

“There was no reason to believe at the time that he was performing a medical procedure onto a woman,” a spokesman of the Detroit Baptist Hospital told reporters.

The operation was allegedly performed to help calm the inflammation and the circumcision of the clitoris, although unheard of as a medical procedure, had not permanently damaged the genitals has said the union spokesperson in the doctor’s defense.

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