Woman rolls over hairdresser with her car after he “ruined” her hair

An 18-year old woman was arrested this morning after she deliberately ran over her hairdresser seven times with her car.

According to the Chicago Police Department, Cassandra Gilmore, from Oak Lawn in Illinois, had her hair cut this morning at Luigi’s Beauty Palace in downtown Chicago, by the famous stylist Francesco Moreno.

After seeing the results in a mirror, she suddenly became hysterical and tried to assault Mr. Moreno with a curling iron.

Two customers of the establishment rapidly intervened to help the stylist. Fighting desperately, they were able to stop the woman and kick her out of the store.

Ms. Gilmore was still determined to get her vengeance, however, and she waited more than four hours in a nearby parking lot for the victim to leave his workplace.

When Mr. Moreno exited from the beauty salon around 2:15 PM, she charged him with her car and ran him over at more than 50 miles per hour.

According to Roseanne Taylor, who works with Francesco Moreno and witnessed the attack, Ms. Gilmore drove back and forth over him at least 7 times.

“I saw her car roll over a flowerbed and hit Francesco at incredible speed. She then backed up and kept rolling back and forth over him until her car stalled.”

Several witnesses rapidly called the police, and the first officers arrived on the site less than two minutes later. They immediately arrested the 18-year old woman and called an ambulance on the site.

Mr. Moreno was transported to the Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, where doctors were able to stabilize him.

He suffers from severe internal bleeding, a perforated lung, two skull fractures, eight broken ribs and 21 other bone fractures, but doctors no longer fear for his life.


The Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, described the aggression as “one the most vicious” he has seen in his career.

Cassandra Gilmore confessed to intentionally attacking Mr. Moreno, saying she wanted revenge after he “ruined her life” with his “botched haircut”.

She allegedly explained that her prom night is only a month away and that she was under a lot of stress to make this “most important night of her life” perfect.

The young woman will most likely miss her prom after all, as she now faces a total of 29 criminal charges, including attempted murder, using a vehicle as a weapon and dangerous driving.

She could face up to 75 years in prison and is expected to appear in court in June.

5 Comments on "Woman rolls over hairdresser with her car after he “ruined” her hair"

  1. Idiot deserves everything coming to her. Thats pure mental problems versus hair concern.

  2. OK, Full Disclosure, I’m a 55 year old bald guy who buzzes what he has left of hair…but I gotta ask… During the entire time this poor hairdresser/involuntary speed bump was cutting her hair did she not once look in the mirror?

    One can not do that type of … hair style (dumpster diver revival?) … in a short amount of time with out employing tools with Back and Decker stamped on the side. She had to see the “progress” he was making, the words STOP what the heck are you doing are not in your vocabulary?

    Look, what he did may be the IN thing…who am I to judge, and I agree that the girl should be upset and even take him to court over it but it’s HAIR, unless you are folic-ally challenged like me shave it all off it will grow back.

    The guy did not deserve what she did to him and she deserves to be tried as an adult and put away for a very long time.

  3. Trista Miller-Meyer | May 13, 2017 at 4:45 pm | Reply


  4. Good grief…was she not watching what he was doing and stop him? That is ludicrous….she has a big problem now! Imagine if someone had done something serious to her!? Yikes!?

  5. With hair like that, she should have run over herself.

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