Woman grows 42-ZZ breasts thanks to sperm drinking diet

A Californian woman with breasts weighing more than 30-lbs each claims that her secret is drinking a pint of sperm per day.

27-year old Jesabelle Monroe claims she has been drinking semen every day for the last ten years, and that her chest has never stopped growing, even after puberty.

She is convinced that her unusual dietary supplement is responsible for her breast size.

“I was very flat-chested when I was in high school. My boyfriend back then told me that swallowing his sperm could help me. He was right! My boobs began to grow a few months after I started blowing him!” 

She says she has been collecting semen from several of her male friends, who have shown rather comprehensive and helpful.

“It’s hard to find large quantities of cum, so I have to ask many guys. You’d surprised by how many guys are ready to help for free once I explain to them why I need their sperm.”

Jesabelle Monroe recommends her sperm drinking diet to all women who would like to have bigger breasts.

Ms.Monroe says she is “almost satisfied” with her breast size and could abandon her diet in a year or two.

Despite Ms. Monroe’s claims, no scientific evidence exists to prove that ingesting semen could increase a woman’s breast size.

The biochemical content of semen suggests that ingesting may have several virtues, from anti-aging effects to stimulating intelligence.

However, for ethical reasons, no large-scale research has ever been done on the subject.

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  1. You or 17 when you start it 10 years from 27

  2. Mastrantonio | April 5, 2019 at 7:27 am | Reply

    I must show this article to my gf by all means.

  3. Jacqueline Huckle | January 22, 2019 at 5:09 pm | Reply

    Their implants … I remember a documentary on …

  4. Ders probaly babies in der lol by now

  5. This Is Rather Ridiculous,Some Girls These’s Days Are Desperate,This Is Degrading,And Horrible,Would I Heck Drink Next Mans SPERM, Just To Get My Boob’s Bigger,Vile Yuckyy?

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