Woman chokes to death after fiance hides ring in cake to propose

A man trying to surprise his fiancee with an original wedding proposal hid a $65,000 ring in her chocolate cake and accidentally caused her death after she choked on the jewel.

29-year old Martin Finn from St-Paul in Minnesota wanted to ask his 27-year old girlfriend, Melissa James, to marry him.

During a dinner at the Panera Bread restaurant in Minneapolis, he decided to surprise her by hiding the wedding ring he’d bought for her in her chocolate cake.

Unfortunately, the young woman swallowed the ring before she noticed it and immediately began coughing and choking.

Paramedics were rapidly called on the site and witnesses attempted reanimation techniques on her until the ambulance arrived, but nothing could be done to save the young woman.

Mr. Finn was arrested and accused of involuntary manslaughter. He now faces a maximum of 25 years in prison if found guilty.

Lieutenant Francis Craig of the Minneapolis Police Department described the accused as “a victim of his own stupidity”.

“What idiot would hide a ring in a chocolate cake? That little smartass tried to pull a girly romantic move because he didn’t have the balls to propose like a real man, and now he killed his girlfriend.”

Lt. Craig says hiding objects in other people’s food without their consent is illegal in the United States and can lead to very serious criminal accusations.

Minneapolis police spokesman Lieutenant Francis Craig warns that hiding objects in other people’s food is a dangerous practice and may represent important choking hazards.

Ms. James is the third woman to die this in the United States as the consequence of a wedding proposal.

In May, a woman fell to her death from a 23-story building in Chicago only seconds after being proposed. Chicago police concluded to a death by suicide in this case.

Last month, a woman died of a heart attack in California after her boyfriend decided to complement his proposal with some surprise fireworks. No criminal charges had been filed in that case either.

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