Vaginayoga instructor arrested after police receive 200 sexual harassment complaints

Beverly Hills, CA | A Californian yoga instructor has been arrested after hundreds of sexual harassment complaints were filed to the Beverly Hills Police Department in a matter of only a few days.

Donald O’Keefe, 48, who dubbed himself as Sri Shiva Vaginanda to his students, has been arrested and interrogated before being released on bail.

Over 200 complaints of improper sexual conduct were reported to the Beverly Hills Police Department in less than 96 hours said one official.

The Inner Beauty Yoga Studio, where O’Keefe taught as a yoga instructor, has since canceled all future Vaginayoga classes.

Vaginayoga classes promised students to “awaken to your inner vaginal beauty and grace, heal sexual health issues and cultivate a more orgasm-filled life.”

According to officials, Donald O’Keefe used egg-shaped crystals during his classes, also named Jade eggs or Yoni eggs, which were meant to be inserted inside his female students’ vaginas or male students’ anal cavity.

“I had no idea this was not a normal yoga class. He just told me to bend down and pushed a vaginal egg into my rectum in front of the whole class. I was shocked,” one male student told reporters in tears when reached by phone.

O’Keefe reportedly touched his students’ genitals and anal area on many occasions, as well as inserted fingers inside their mouths, without wearing gloves or washing his hands between each individual manipulation.

O’Keefe also boasted on his website of having mastered “The 9 intimate secrets of vaginal elasticity, longevity and power” after allegedly studying over 20 years under Taoist and Tantric masters in India, China and Tibet.

Anthony Weinstein, O’Keefe’s lawyer, says his client’s 5000-year-old Tantric teachings clearly imply “thorough manipulation and rubbing of the groin area” and that his students were informed previously before each class.

If convicted of 217 individual sexual assault charges, Donald O’Keefe faces up to 2,367 years in jail according to legal experts.

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