Utah family claims 15-year-old son turned gay after 5G cell phone tower was installed near home

The family of a 15-year-old teenager from Utah claims that their son started having homosexual thoughts after a 5G cell phone tower was installed near their home.

Thomas McGuire, 45, and his wife Caroll McGuire, 41, noticed that their son was “behaving abnormally” only weeks after a 5G cell tower was installed next to their home.

The McGuire family say their son started listening to “queer music” such as David Bowie, Prince, and the Back Street Boys in the weeks following the apparition of the 5G tower as well as using make-up and dressing in an “effeminate way.”

“I thought that people who believed 5G conspiracy theories were idiots until I started reading on the internet about Bill Gates and his agenda to depopulate the world by making everybody homosexual though vaccines and 5G technology and it suddenly all made sense,” the young boy’s father, Thomas McGuire explained to reporters.

The McGuire family claims that since they have forced their son to wear an aluminum foil hat twenty-four hours a day to shield his brain from 5G electromagnetic fields the “homosexual symptoms” have faded.

“When our son first started wearing dresses to school, we thought it was a bit ackward, but when he was later hospitalized after inserting a cucumber in his rectum, that is when the doctor made us realize he was 100% gay,” his mother told reporters in tears.

Conspiracy theorists believe 5G towers can have disruptive effects on human health but could also be used by companies and governments for mind control and mind reading.

“I have never been a conspiracy nut, except maybe for that fake moon landing hoax and, of course, 911 being an inside job, but my son’s homosexual symptoms have been well documented by 5G experts all over the world,” the teenager’s father added.

Although experts believe that the fears around 5G causing homosexual tendencies are grossly overblown, one 2019 French study did show that 5G radio frequencies did increase the online consumption of male pornography in several test subjects.

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