USA: Woman Arrested For Calling Her Ex-Boyfriend 77 000 Times in a Week

Albuquerque, NM | A New Mexico woman was finally arrested this morning by officers of the Albuquerque Police Department in what could be the most extreme case of stalking ever recorded in the history of the country.

The 28-year old woman allegedly not only called her ex-lover a formidable 77 639 times in a week but also sent him 1937 emails, 41 229 text messages, 217 sung messages and 647 letters in the same period.

Linda Murphy, who has a history of obsessive-compulsive behavior, would have badly taken her breakup with William Ryans, with whom she had had a relationship for three weeks.

She is accused of using up to three phones at once to call him on his cell phone, home number and at work, even faxing him 144 times.

The woman would have ingested large quantities of energy drinks and amphetamines to remain awake and would have gone sleepless for a week, calling her ex nonstop, 24 hours a day.

“My client is profoundly relieved that Ms. Murphy is finally behind bars” stated the plaintiff’s lawyer, J.D. James Kilroy.

“He hasn’t been able to sleep, work or enjoy life in any way, for more than a week. He was having a hard time thinking clearly and was nearing depression, it was about time the harassment ceased.”

“Now, all we want is for Ms. Murphy to get the medical help she needs, and for the law to keep her away from my client.”

The accused is expected to appear in the state court tomorrow in Albuquerque, and most experts presume that the judge will order a psychological evaluation of the woman to determine if she is capable of standing trial.

8 Comments on "USA: Woman Arrested For Calling Her Ex-Boyfriend 77 000 Times in a Week"

  1. Morello from Litchfield has escaped and is at it again! Poor Chris…

  2. even if she called twice a minute for 7 days straight no sleep no food she would have only called 60480 times plus she was writing emails and text simontaniously idk if i buy it

    • Do not underestimate the strength of a woman.

    • when U do the math, she would have to have called 462 times per hour, which is less than 8 times per minute! An average phone call before connecting to voice mail is about 30 seconds, provided the phone is on; it’s mathematically and virtually impossible!

    • She was using 4 phones apparently.

    • Article stated that she used multiple phones simultaneously. If true, she was capable of making many more than she did!

  3. If that’s the face of determination, I’m content with being lazy lol

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