USA: Mother Gives Birth to 17 Babies at Once!

Indianapolis | An American woman has totally annihilated the former World Record for the most babies in a lone pregnancy by giving birth to seventeen babies over 29 hours last weekend at the Indianapolis Memorial Hospital.

“It was incredible” explains Dr. Jack Morrow who assisted the woman through the whole operation.

“The babies kept coming and coming and coming and coming…  Man! I think I’m going to have nightmares about this day for a long time! This was my last delivery for a very long time. I am taking a vacation!” he added, laughingly.

Catherine Bridges and her husband had been trying to have a child for many years and had decided last year to use medical assistance from a fertility clinic in Rhodes Island.

The insemination process was definitely successful, as the couple got an entire litter of seventeen beautiful and identical boys.

The couple has already chosen the names for the boys with an obvious continuity of thought: James, Jacob, Jarod, Jarvis, Jason, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Jerome, Jesse, Jimmy, Joachim, Jonathan, Jonas, Joseph, Julian, Jimbo and surprisingly, Darth.

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  1. that name tho for the last baby look back where it says the names of the babies

  2. My comment is apparently not important because I am right under the guy who says he is the son of Santa

  3. That is no kidding a lot of babies and my wife had octuplets

  4. Yeah right they made such a big deal over the octuplets they didn’t even mention 17 babys

  5. Kenneth P Kelly | May 13, 2017 at 1:16 am | Reply

    I’m the Son of Santa Clause

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