USA: Mother Gives Birth to 17 Babies at Once!

Indianapolis | An American woman has totally annihilated the former World Record for the most babies in a lone pregnancy by giving birth to seventeen babies over 29 hours last weekend at the Indianapolis Memorial Hospital.

“It was incredible” explains Dr. Jack Morrow who assisted the woman through the whole operation.

“The babies kept coming and coming and coming and coming…  Man! I think I’m going to have nightmares about this day for a long time! This was my last delivery for a very long time. I am taking a vacation!” he added, laughingly.

Catherine Bridges and her husband had been trying to have a child for many years and had decided last year to use medical assistance from a fertility clinic in Rhodes Island.

The insemination process was definitely successful, as the couple got an entire litter of seventeen beautiful and identical boys.

The couple has already chosen the names for the boys with an obvious continuity of thought: James, Jacob, Jarod, Jarvis, Jason, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Jerome, Jesse, Jimmy, Joachim, Jonathan, Jonas, Joseph, Julian, Jimbo and surprisingly, Darth.

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  1. Doubt this is true

  2. Merchalle Assy | February 10, 2014 at 9:50 am | Reply

    Poppycock! whoever did this picture is a genius – if you look at the picture properly, the babies are positioned or shall I say “put into posing positions”. Also IF they were born in January I am sure they would still be in incubators – the womb cannot hold that many babies. Good joke though!

  3. What I find absolutely incredible is that this woman has managed to give birth to 17 identical boys and they all came out looking like they are at the least, 6 months old. Two of them are even standing. Read the first part of the article and you will see that she gave birth a week earlier. Too funny for words.

  4. wooh!! gosh .. isn’t true??

    • You have to be retarded if you think this is true.

      Nothing on this entire site is true, it’s not satire because it’s not making fun of anything.. it’s like news for really stupid gullible people.

    • @AD: With 7.5k FB shares, this guy has already made his money on advertisements based on traffic to his site!!

    • Identical? Seriously, this means ONE embryo split 16 times, highly unlikely!

    • okoro Kennedy okechukwu | June 17, 2015 at 5:28 am |


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