Trans woman sues former boyfriend for $10M over lost virginity and anal reconstruction

A Californian trans woman is demanding US$ 10,000,000 in compensation from her former boyfriend for her lost anal virginity.

Loana DeVille, 38, is also demanding that her former boyfriend, Robert Duff, pay for her anal reconstruction surgery.

DeVille is demanding that her former lover compensate for her lost virginity and pay for an analoplasty, a surgical procedure that results in the reconstruction of the anus.

The plaintiff claims that due to “years of rough anal sex” and the defendant’s “extremely large penis” she has been unable to develop any meaningful relationship since the breakup because of the “terrible state” her rectum has been left in.

“My rectum is very slack or loose and of the dozens of men I met in the past year, none has called me back after sexual intercourse,” the plaintiff told the judge.

Loana DeVille, 38, claims that due to the “terrible state” her rectum was left in after three years of relationship with her former lover, she has been unable to develop any meaningful relationship since.

“Bobby has an extremely large penis, but he would also insert huge dildos in my rectum, sometimes 5 or 6 at the same time,” DeVille told the judge, visibly emotional.

The defendant’s lawyer argued that the couple indulged in group sex and that multiple penetrations occurred on various occasions and could explain the state of the plaintiff’s rectum.

The plaintiff also presented a number of pictures of the defendant’s penis which allegedly reached 22 inches in length while in full erection and which seem to have left quite an impression on the judge.

The plaintiff’s lawyer also argued that due to the loss of his client’s anal virginity, Ms. DeVille had lost value on the single’s market and reconstructive surgery to the rectum could compensate for this in some form.

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