Thailand: Snakegirl Attracts Crowds of Pilgrims and Tourists

Bangkok | 8-year-old Mai Li Fay, from Bangkok, is far from living the usual life of a girl her age.

Every day, thousands of people gather to the front of her family’s house to get a chance of seeing and possibly touching the young girl, a gesture which both Buddhists and Hindu pilgrims seem to perceive as a guarantee of good fortune.

According to the country’s top medical expert, Dr. Ping Lao, the young girl suffers a very rare syndrome known as the Serpentosis Malianorcis or Jing Jing’s disease, which gives her lower body a distinct reptilian form and aspect.

Only a handful of such cases have been recorded throughout history, so the scientific knowledge accumulated about the pathology is rather limited and there is no cure in sight at the moment.

The Fay family have welcomed the situation brought by Mai Li’s situation with a mix of anguish and excitement, as the never-ending lines of tourists and pilgrims have brought the badly impoverished family some substantial revenues and given them an important rise in their social status but cost them there privacy and intimacy.

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  1. Is that the product of the so called genetically experiment? So pity for that girl’s fate…for just scientists consumption -is the ill-fated life result for the living girl…. STOP THAT KIND OF EXPERIMENTATION!

  2. to see is to believe…

  3. is this for real????

  4. Is this true?… Quite scary…

  5. Albert Sooquaimeng | January 8, 2014 at 1:54 am | Reply

    The world Biological Scientific community should come together in term of resources to “Adopt” this Treasure…as research and development of Genetic. Let us be organized to make good for Life of this “Victim”… So, the Reptilian Theory of Human relation with reptile is Real. Interested party…link with us at saqamaweb

    • how is this posssible ? oh its miracle!!!!

    • oh its not possible ? its miracle of DNA and pepople are praying that girl is supersitious

    • how is possible scientficly? give some proper explanation about this miracle girl.

    • She is a little girl of 8 years old. She need and wants her parents, especially with all those people swarming to look and touch her, out of some idea of good luck. They should take in those people and study them.

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