Texas surgeon arrested for stealing testicles from at least 46 anesthetized patients

A surgeon from the Houston Methodist West Hospital has been arrested by the FBI and charged with stealing testicles from dozens of patients while performing surgeries.

41-year-old Doctor Jeremy Cornell has been working as a urologist for 13 years in different hospitals throughout Texas, settling in Houston in April 2018.

After a three year investigation, the FBI was able to determine that the surgeon illegally harvested one testicle from each of his patients while he was performing delicate surgeries on men suffering from conditions relating to their bladder, urethra, or kidneys.

According to FBI spokesman Thomas Perry, Dr. Cornell would dismiss the nurses and support staff or send them on red herring chase so he could be alone to harvest the organs.

“Some nurses reported simply being sent to get coffee, while others were ordered to go get specific types of medications which didn’t actually exist.”

Mr. Perry says investigators believed the surgeon was selling the organs and were extremely surprised to find dozens of pickled testicles in glass jars when they searched his residence this morning.

“Investigators found 8 jars containing a total of 46 human testicles. That means there are at least 46 victims, but there could be more, we’re not sure that’s his entire collection.”

FBI spokesman Thomas Perry says investigators believe the surgeon could have amputated the testicles of more than 250 men over the last decade,

Doctor Jeremy Cornell already faces a total of 137 criminal charges including aggravated assault and battery occasioning bodily harm, felony mayhem, possession of stolen property and improper disposition of human body parts.

If found guilty on all charges, he already faces a total 0f 635 years in jail, and the FBI expects the number of charges to double over the next few days.

His lawyer, Mr. Charles Hewitt, demanded a psychiatric evaluation to determine if his client his fit to stand trial, claiming Dr. Cornell “strange testicle fetishism suggests serious mental problems”.

If found fit, he should appear in court at the beginning of December for the beginning of his trial.

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  1. ps just read another post about a young 16 year old that had his parts cut off in a blender this is asking Mr Doctor Jeremy + Mr Lawyer Charles please take the time to see if your Doctor friend could help with surgereries to repair with parts from the died to help the living this would look good in the eyes of the courts and the victims that lost a testicles please think God and Jesus would love this to happen too your friend Barry

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