Texas: Man arrested for having links to ISIS had goat chained down in basement as sex slave

A Houston man who is believed to have links to the terrorist organization ISIS was apprehended this morning by local authorities.

Abdul Khaddam, 39, is suspected of having joined ISIS last year and arouse suspicion of authorities after bragging to his Walmart coworkers that he was, in fact, an ISIS terrorist.

During a formal interrogation at his home, Khaddam admitted he had communicated with ISIS members on several occasions and officers proceeded to his arrest.

Houston police officers found several weapons while searching the house but to their surprise also found a goat chained in the basement which apparently was held captive by the suspected terrorist to perform sexual favors.

“A search of the house revealed a number of weapons, incriminating communications with potential ISIS members as well as a goat chained down in the basement from which the suspect apparently had sexual intercourse with” Houston police officer, Jack Johnson told reporters.

Over 200 counterfeit Viagra pills and a number of sex toys were also seized on the perimeter which Abdul Khaddam apparently used on himself as well as on the captive goat said Houston Police Department spokeswoman, Helena Soltsky.

“The goat has been released to a local animal refuge and hopefully will recover from its past trauma” admitted police officer Jack Johnson, visibly amused by the whole situation.

The 39-year-old suspect who faces several charges of domestic terrorism could also be accountable for bestiality, animal cruelty and possession of zoophilic pornography, believe experts.

“If sexual intercourse with animals such as sheep and goats are permitted under Shariah law and are a widespread custom in Muslim countries, this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated in the United States,” PETA activist Jane Welsh explained when reached by phone.

If convicted of 12 charges of domestic terrorism, bestiality, animal cruelty and possession of zoophilic pornography, Abdul Khaddam could face up to 1,357 years in jail believe experts.

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    right…a “texas man”.

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