Texas: Blind man files for divorce after learning his wife is black

Austin, Tx |  A blind man filed for divorce this morning at the Travis County Courthouse, claiming that his wife hid from him for 32-years, the fact that she was African American.

59-year old John Paul Davis accused his wife, 56-year old Latoyah Johnson, of taking advantage of his handicap to “dishonestly and fraudulently make him believe that she was Caucasian”.

He claims that she knew that he would never have accepted to marry her if he “had known that she was black”, and consciously hid her origins from him for more than three decades.

“This perfidious and treacherous woman abused my generosity and good nature for more than 30 years, by pretending to be someone else,” Mr Davis told reporters. “I only learned that she was black three weeks ago, when a friend told me. She let me believe during all these years that she was white, so she could profit from me. She’s a despicable fraud! She should be jailed for what she did!”

Ms Johnson refutes her husband’s allegations of lying an abusing his confidence, saying that she made no effort to hide her skin color, and that she thought he had been aware of it during a those years.

“I don’t think he ever actually asked me if I was black, but I was convinced that he knew,” she told the Texas Herald. “It’s not like I ever pretended to be white! And I’m the one who pays everything, who does his laundry and cooks for him… I don’t see how he can say that I took advantage of him. I’m the victim here… I’ve spent 32 years of my life, taking care of a racist jerk.”


Latoyah Johnson says she feels insulted by her husband’s accusations, adding that she has always been proud of African American origins and has never made any efforts to hide them.

Although Mr Davis’ allegations are unlikely to have any effect on the results of the divorce procedure, they have already generated a lot of reaction, both from the audience inside the courthouse and on the social media.

Some people simply noted that the couple, visibly had some communication problems, while others openly sided with Ms Johnson, calling her husband a “moron”, a “racist pig”, and many other colorful names.

This controversial case is scheduled to appear in court again on April 25, unless the parties reach an improbable agreement before that date.

5 Comments on "Texas: Blind man files for divorce after learning his wife is black"

  1. Didn’t he noticed the black berries were sweeter

  2. Had he lost his sense of smell as well? He should’ve smelt her streets away ?

  3. Where is his “white” family members? Didn’t he invite any of them to the weding?
    You mean In over 30 years none of them have informed his racist butt that his wife is a beautiful brown lady? He better be careful what he wish for because it seems she is the only one taking care of him and he may need this beautiful lady who has given up a lot to be married to this blind a-hole to wipe his white butt if he gets sick. Sad..I wouldn’t wait for the divorce..I would leave him today.

  4. Texas – where even blind folks aren’t colorblind! How does he know he’s white?

  5. He seriously couldn’t tell from the texture of her hair??? He was more than blind then, lmao!!! Her skin color had NOTHING to do with her cooking, cleaning, and caring for his racist ass for all those years!

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