Texas: 14-year-old boy miraculously cured of homosexuality after electroshock therapy

A Texas teen has apparently miraculously been cured of homosexuality after undergoing an excruciating 18-month-long new experimental electroshock therapy.

The new experimental electroshock therapy, which originates from China where the treatment takes place in public, government-run hospitals and in private clinics, is the first of its kind to be performed on the American soil.

Doctors at the Dallas Baptist Hospital have allegedly seen major progress in the young man’s behavior, claiming that his “homosexual urges” have also undergone a dramatic drop.

“He was simply addicted to gay porn. He would masturbate for hours on end and insert any object he could get his hands on inside his rectum. Even 17 exorcisms did not help him” his mother, Janet Wilder, told reporters in despair.

The Dallas Baptist Hospital which defines itself as “providing quality health services in a Christian environment to local communities for over 60 years” claims it has conclusively repressed homosexual tendencies in the brain of the 14-year-old patient.

“They brought me back my child,” his mother told reporters in tears. “He stopped wearing makeup and abandoned his plans to become a hairstylist. He is less active and is very quiet, and sometimes stares at the ceiling for hours but it was definitely worth it” she admitted, visibly happy.

Dr. Erich von Eisenstein explained that the therapy can sometimes cause “important neurological disorders” but that these are “temporary” and can be explained by the high-frequency voltage applied to the brain tissue through the scalp of the patient.

“Through induction, this new technology can transmit high-frequency voltage of up to 35 000 volts at a time during an extremely short period calculated in milliseconds, and which, if prolonged, would cause permanent brain damage or even death,” warned Dr. Eiseintein.

The former leader of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman Mao Zedong, was a fierce proponent of electroshock therapy treatment which he encouraged during China’s cultural revolution, a period during which homosexuality was declared a “mental illness” and a “capitalist disease.”

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  1. I am a Clinical Psychologist and homosexuality IS a mental disorder. The only reason it is not classified ANY LONGER as such is after the militant terrorist homosexuals literally destroyed a meeting of the American Psychiatric Assoc a few years ago, and ultimately terrorized professionals into “normalizing this behavior or they would lose their license. Homosexual behavior is associated with at least a 1/3 rd increase in ALL types of mental illness. Also, from the article, this kid was clearly mentally ill in terms of addictions and abnormal behaviors. I once had a patient die from stuffing a telephone up his rectum. So if he is “cured” of these sick, potentially life threatening behaviors, good for them!!

  2. “He is less active and is very quiet, and sometimes stares at the ceiling for hours but it was definitely worth it”

    Errrrr, oh dear!

  3. By using the word ‘cured’ they are acknowledging homosexuality as some kind of a disease/illness. Shame on these people.

  4. transgender skank | June 19, 2020 at 7:56 am | Reply

    if he’s gay than he’s gay let him be who he wants too be

  5. Now if they could just find a cure for being a Democrat.

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