Teenager sues his parents for being born black and underprivileged

A Californian judge has accepted an 18-year-old’s preliminary requests Tuesday for weekly child support and access to a college fund after the high school senior sued his parents.

Jamal Joseph Johnson Jr., 18, is suing his parents for the sum of $500,000 over racial injustice and the unequal opportunities he will face for “being born black and underprivileged in America” his lawyer said in court.

Johnson’s lawyer pleaded that her client faced widespread discrimination in all fields of life based on the color of his skin and will suffer the lifelong consequences of his parents’ “egotistical and selfish choice of giving birth to a black child in an oppressive and racially segregated society such as modern America.”

“My client did not ask to have fifteen times more chances of being incarcerated or of being shot by police, of having access to less educational opportunities, lesser wealth and to statistically face more drug addiction problems than most white males,” he told the judge.

Lawyer Precious J. Williams, who is representing the teenager, believes that her client’s demands are reasonable and that they are a just counterbalance for all the lifelong inequalities he will face for being born a black male in an “oppressive and racially segregated society such as modern America.”

“Trayvon Martin was shot for buying Skittles in a white neighborhood. What are my client’s chances of making it alive in the long run?” Johnson’s lawyer asked the judge, visibly emotional.

The case which has attracted national attention could set a landmark ruling believes legal expert and former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ari Goldstein.

“A ruling in favor of this young man could open the door to every child in America to sue his or her parents if they believe they were brought into this world with crippling or unequal opportunities to succeed in life,” he explained when reached by phone.

In 2013, a 35-year-old morbidly obese man sued his parents for $300,000 and won after proving that his education and family upbringing were responsible for his various medical ailments.

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  1. His parents should counter sue his dumb ass for all they hat give up so he can live he is a lazy ass boy there are plenty of black men and women who was born in poverty but are lawyers dr’s and own their own businesses your parents sacrifice so you can make it to where you are now stop looking for a handoit and work to be better

  2. Could he sue his parents if he was aborted? I’ll wait…….

  3. Him and his Lawyer should be slapped. Like he as an adult cant change his outcome in life, Better people have came from badder situation and made it.

  4. This is when you know our legal system has lost it’s mind! EVERY parent want their child to have a better life then what they had.Sue this country if you are going to sue someone. His attorney need her ass kick for even bring to the courts.

  5. he should have been sueing his country not his parent ungratful kid

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