Teenager sues his parents for $250,000 for naming him Gaylord

A 17-year old boy from Missouri has launched a civil lawsuit against his parents for naming him Gaylord as a child, a name which allegedly caused him to suffer from a lot of mockeries and even serious bullying.

Gaylord Williams from the small city of Kirksville in Missouri is suing his parents, Dave and Carol Williams, for “deliberately making his life miserable” by giving him “an outdated and prejudicial first name”.

In his allocution presented this morning in front of the Adair County Circuit Court, the teenage boy claims he was an undesired child and that his parents deliberately gave him that first name to make him “a designated scapegoat”.

“They told me several times that I was an accident and that I had ruined their life. When he was drunk, my father even admitted that they had named me like that in order to ruin my life like I had ruined theirs.”

He claims his parent’s ill-intentioned plan has worked, and that he has to endure constant mockeries and bullying because of his name.

The young man has even been physically assaulted on several occasions and has even been hospitalized twice.

He says he’s tried to get a name change in the past and asked his parents for their permission on several occasions, but they declined every time.

“My life is miserable! I can’t wait until I turn 18 and I get the right to change my name without my parents’ consent!”

He finally decided to file a lawsuit against his parents in order to obtain a financial compensation for the suffering that they deliberately caused him.

His parents vehemently deny his allegations and claim that they simply named him Gaylord because they liked that name.

Gaylord's parents appeared extremely nervous when confronted outside the courthouse this morning.

Gaylord’s parents, Dave and Carol Williams, appeared extremely nervous when confronted by the media outside the Adair County Circuit Court this morning.

Every year,  a few dozen young Americans launch civil lawsuits against their biological parents for various reasons.

Many of these cases are cases designed as “wrongful birth lawsuits” and are often instituted by children with predictable birth defects.

According to official records, this is the first time that American parents are being sued because of the name they gave their child.

The actual hearings, in this case, are expected to begin in October.

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  1. Tuff titty, suck it up buttercup. You don’t like your name; change it when you become of age.

  2. If they didn’t want or love he they could have gaven him up for adoption to a family that would have loved him with all of there hearts

  3. Maybe they knew in advance he was going to look like the quintessential faggot?

  4. Idk why you say that “his parents are the reason he’s here” like it’s a good thing. He doesn’t own them anything. He didn’t ask to be born, that happened because they were too retarded to use preservatives/birth controls/pretty much any contraceptive method. And then they had the guts to blame and punish him for their own fucking mistakes.

  5. This little punk needs to understand that you don’t bitch and cry about what your parents name you, if it weren’t for them the punk wouldn’t be here so be grateful you have a name. It’s your choice on how to handle a name like that. Use it to your advantage punk. Have some balls about yourself. Little bitch.

    • If he walks off $250,000 richer I’d say someone’s a bitch but it’s not him.

      You know I have kids older than this, I very much knew better than to name either of them with a literal target on their backs.

      I agree with the kid. This was abuse.

    • James how the fuck are you gonna use Gaylord to your advantage as a name?? James clearly you didn’t read the fucking article you dumb fuck

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