Teacher on crystal meth strips naked in class and bites 2 students

Olympia, Washington | An elementary school teacher was arrested this morning after a drug “bad trip” caused her to strip naked in class and physically assault her 4th-grade students, severely biting two of them and injuring six others.

According to the Olympia police department, 37-year old Laura James was “visibly intoxicated and behaving erratically” when she showed up for work this morning.

Due to a lack of replacement teachers, she was still allowed to teach her class but rapidly went out of control.

Olympia police spokesman, Lieutenant Robert Emery described the incident during a press conference held a few hours later.

“The children said she was screaming and talking in gibberish while drawing symbols on the board. She then started stripping off her clothes and throwing them around.”

The students became agitated and scared by their teacher’s erratic behavior and some of them tried to leave the classroom.

The naked teacher then turned very aggressive and started grasping and biting students while howling and growling loudly.

Lt. Emery says the children were only saved by the rapid intervention of another teacher who intervened and was able to subdue Ms. James.

“Several witness accounts suggest she was in a psychotic state and was convinced she was some type of predatory animal. It’s a miracle that she was stopped before anyone was killed.”

Olympia police spokesman, Lieutenant Robert Emery, saluted the courage of the teacher who subdued the intoxicated woman and described him as a true hero.

Laura James now faces a total of 23 criminal charges, including aggravated assault, child endangerment, criminal neglect, and indecent exposure.

If found guilty on all charges, she faces a maximum of 65 years in prison and a fine of $85,000.

Her lawyers have already announced her intention to plead “not guilty”, claiming that Ms. James has mental problems and cannot be considered responsible for her actions.

She is expected to appear in court in January for the beginning of her trial.

6 Comments on "Teacher on crystal meth strips naked in class and bites 2 students"

  1. I am sure the State Department of children Services will be involved in this case and recommendations will be made for what happened at this school.

  2. Are teachers randomly drug tested? If not why not?

  3. There is no excuses to allow her to teach. The administrator should have taken her place intil a replacement could be found. Any parent who allowed their child to be subjected to her after the incident is not thinking. These things can traumatize children for life. Where is the State Deoartment, Child welfare and the law. You are all failing these kids unless there is a dark code there and something else is going on. She just got caught. Why is she out of jail? Judge?

  4. Can’t grasp how the administration at this school didn’t notice her condition before school started and allowed her to be around the kids…. This is unacceptable all across the table…. The school should be held accountable too

  5. And the school administrators should be jailed for child neglect too if they let her teach.

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