Taco Bell employee arrested for serving his prosthetic penis in a customer’s burrito

A Taco Bell employee found a disturbing to show his sexual attraction to a customer: he inserted his prosthetic penis in the burrito she ordered before serving it to her.

Around 11:40 this morning, 29-year-old Shawna Brown from Boise in Idaho, went to a Taco Bell restaurant to get a burrito meal for lunch.

She was served by 54-year-old Alan Jackson, an employee who had flirted with her several times in the past but whom she considered inoffensive.

She recalls that he seemed exceptionally charming and polite compared to his usual rude behavior.

“Normally he comments my boobs and ass, or rude stuff like that. But today, he just seemed professional, for once.”

However, Mr. Jackson was not as well-intentioned as he seemed, and the young woman soon found out that he had also prepared a shocking surprise while preparing her burrito.

He inserted the prosthetic penis he wears since he had a firearm accident as a teen in her meal.

“As soon as I bit in my burrito, I hit a big rubber thing in it. I took it out, and saw it was a kind of penis… and then I heard him laughing his ass off.”

Ms. Brown immediately called the police and filed an official complaint against the employee, who was arrested by deputies of the Ada County Sheriff.

Shawna Brown says that finder a rubber prosthetic penis in her lunch will probably drive her away from her favorite restaurant for at least a few months, but she thinks she’ll go back eventually. She says she is considering filing a civil lawsuit against the food change.

A total of 4 criminal charges were filed against Alan Jackson including reckless endangerment of another person, sexual assault, indecent exposure, and criminal obscenity.

If found guilty on all charges, he faces a total of 55 years in prison and a fine of $135,000.

His lawyers have already demanded a psychiatric evaluation and announced their intention to plead that Mr. Jackson isn’t criminally responsible for his actions.

The 59-year old man has already spent more than 7 years in several mental institutions and is diagnosed with several mental problems.

He will be evaluated again over the next few weeks, and if he’s found fit to stand trial, the legal procedures should begin in April or May.

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