Sweden: 6-year-old migrant was in fact 35-year-old midget from Syria

Stockholm | Swedish authorities have identified a 35-year-old former ISIS soldier that had been masquerading as a 6-year-old boy for over a year.

Khalid Ali Razzaz’s identity was finally revealed after school officials at Eriksdalsskolan Elementary School became suspicious of the man’s indecent sexual behavior with school personnel.

Razzaz apparently touched a number of women teachers in an “inappropriate manner” according to the school administration, as well as displayed “highly sexualized behavior” in front of other classmates.

“Other classmates often complained that he would play with his genitals in class and ask them to touch his penis,” one school official told reporters.

School principal Jonas Björklund at Eriksdalsskolan Elementary School said on national television that he first believed Khalid Ali Razzaz was a hyper-sexualized young boy before police unveiled his true identity as a 35-year-old former ISIS soldier.

One teacher even caught him masturbating and ejaculating into her coffee mug,” a school employee admitted to reporters.

Suspicions eventually pushed the school administration to contact local police who discovered several pictures of himself on a mobile phone which helped reveal his true identity.

Swedish authorities believe the suspected terrorist was originally a member of an al-Qaeda splinter group and eventually joined the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria before disguising himself as a child migrant and reaching Sweden.

A 2017 Swedish investigation into 8,000 migrants claiming asylum as children revealed that three-quarters of those tested were over the age of 25.

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