Stephen Hawking Admits Intelligent Design Is ‘Highly Probable’

The English theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking surprised the scientific community last week when he announced during a speech at the University of Cambridge that he believed that “some form of intelligence” was actually behind the creation of the Universe.

Presenting himself before students at the University of Cambridge, the world-famous scientist declared that his years of research on the creation of the cosmos have led him to isolate a strange scientific factor which he says is in many ways contrary to the universal laws of physics.

This strange phenomenon, which he names the God factor, would be at the origin of the creation process and would have played a great role in determining the actual form of the Universe.


The world renown scientist admits the near-death experience of his brother, who was clinically dead for 43 minutes after a heart attack last October, radically changed his view on the nature of human consciousness and the Universe as a whole

“My brother has always been a role model for me. His rational, cunning and no non-sense mind has shaped my personality into the person I am today and has led me into the study of the fascinating world of physics. But since his accident last October, he has come back a changed man” he recalled.

“He has told me of the existence of a sentient being, of another world we mortals are unaware of, he has told me of God” he told the crowd, visibly surprised at such affirmations.

“Modern science relies on the perception that consciousness lies within the human brain, but what my brother experienced during his clinical death, I cannot explain.”

“Does consciousness lie outside of the human body? Is the human brain just a receptor, capable of receiving the “consciousness wave” as AM/FM radios receive radio waves?” he asked the crowd.

“These are questions modern science has not yet answered and could redefine our view of the Universe and modern physics completely” he acknowledged.


“We were not expecting this,” told the Head of the Department of Astrophysics, John Bairns. “I am simply baffled, I don’t know what to say,” he told local reporters

“In my 40 years as a physicist, the thought of the Universe being “a living entity” never crossed my mind. I admit, Dr. Hawking has given us much to ponder about” admitted Professor John Bairns, politely.

These declarations by the award-winning cosmologist have caused a great commotion in the scientific community, some even publicly admitting that “it was time for him to retire” and that “even great minds fall short in time”.

Stephen Hawking has since published a rebuttal to his critics, insisting that “Intelligent design” doesn’t in any way prove that God exists, but only that a “God-like force” played a role in the creation of our Universe, approximately 13.8 billion years ago.

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  1. Psalms 19 1 The heavens declare the glory of God and firmament shows his handiwork. When you keep studying this world, nature and the universe, eventually they will reveal God the creator.

  2. why God has never been seen in black and white why there is no hard evidence of his existence….there must be something moe acceptable rather proving through hypothesis God is far more huge to be proven like this
    if anyone has ever answer this which would look more in sane

  3. All of the creation account is spiritually discerned and we see God “separating” the Light from the darkness, the waters below from itself, Day from night, the man from the beast, the sunLight from the nightlight, good from evil….continual separating. When one asks, Does Gd exist? He also has to ask, Does evil exist/Does satan exist? All of life is lived in the consciousness of separating the good from the bad, even the sacred from the profane. Ask of God and He Alone will give one a higher consciousness of the creation to be lived and even of Himself. Speak out of the Light, not the darkness and there will be Light within.

  4. آخرین امید خداناباوران ایرانی ها هم از دست رفت..?

  5. آخرین امید خدانابوران ایرانی ها هم از دست رفت..?

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