South Africa: new genetic treatment could allow black parents to have white children

A team of South African geneticists has developed what they call a “genetic correction serum” that could allow black parents to have white children.

Scientists of the Stellenbosch University’s Department of Genetics have announced a major discovery concerning human genetics: a biochemical solution that allows altering hereditary traits of people of African descent to allow them to have Caucasian children.

The geneticists working under the direction of Professor Hans Engelbrecht claim that their Genetic Correction Serum (GCS) has shown a 97.8% efficiency during lab tests, with only minor side effects like nausea, hair loss, and erectile problems.

According to Professor Engelbrecht, the serum should be approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority soon and could be available to the public within a year from now to help solve the country’s racial problem.

“It has been a major problem for years in South Africa that the white population is way richer and more educated than the black population. We finally found a definitive solution, we can make everyone white and fortunate!”

The renowned geneticist claims this “miracle serum” could be the first of a series of new treatments designed to modify the hereditary genes transmitted by parents to their children.

“This was clearly the most pressing genetic correction that needed to be developed, but it’s only the first step. One day, we can design other serums for people with red hair or even small penises or breasts.”

Over 800 couples of African descent have participated in clinical studies which showed a success rate of nearly 98%.

The announcement of the discovery has generated a lot of reactions across the country and around the world.

While some enthusiastically welcomed the news as a definitive solution to the world’s inequities and racial problems, others were shocked and outraged, denouncing a “eugenic approach to genetics” as well as alleged “genocidal intentions” behind the development serum.

Several South African civil rights organizations have announced their intentions to do everything in their power to change the country’s laws in order to make the serum illegal in the country and ban further research in the domain.

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  1. Strategy of whitening entire Africa(black) population. I don’t support that. This is racism of high order.(genetic racism) who have told those scientists that Africans have got tired of being black?

  2. Here is something that will surprise the great majority. A well-known lady, white in appearance(and, supposedly in ancestry) Has a black ancestress. I refer to Queen Elizabeth II.
    One of her forbears was a German princess, Charlotte of Mecklengerg-Streilitz, the consort of King George III. And one of her forbears was a black African mistress of the Portuguese royal house! Sort that one out if you can.

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