Slaughterhouse Employee Accused of Murdering 71 Coworkers Over 17 years

Sulphur Springs, TX | A Texas meatpacking plant is under investigation by local authorities as one of their employees is suspected of murdering a tragic 71 coworkers during his 17 years at the slaughterhouse, reports the Dallas Telegraph this morning.

Jeremiah Burroughs, age 57, has been formally accused of the murder of no less than 70 coworkers after the disappearance of 71 coworkers since 1998 had raised local authorities suspicions.

The discovery this week of human bones in a neighboring rendering plant which recycles slaughterhouse byproducts had raised the alarm and forced local authorities to crack down on potential suspects.


During 17 years, Jeremiah Burroughs is suspected of murdering a tragic 71 coworkers in the meat packing plant where he worked for over 22 years

Jeremiah Burroughs, who is a Gulf war veteran, is suspected of suffering from PTSD syndrome and of extreme paranoia, explains police officer Emet Rubbens.

“We have no idea why he committed these atrocious crimes, there seems to lack a motive. What is most distressing is how he got away with these atrocious crimes for such a long period of time” Officer Rubbens told reporters.

It seems he just processed his victims’ meat as he would’ve done with any other cow. His victims all disappeared somewhere in the meat packing process” he expressed with disgust.

“Just another guy”

Burroughs’ coworkers say there was nothing unusual about the man accused of 71 murders.

“He was just a normal guy, like anybody else” admits coworker Adam Willfur.

“I admit it’s strange that he still lived alone with his mother, but he seemed to really enjoy his work. He’d strip off the skin of a carcass in a matter of seconds and would chop off its limbs in a flash”.

“Whatever he did, he was a heck of a good worker, that’s all I’ve got to say about him” admitted another.

“It’s not an easy job, so we’re used to seeing people come in a few days and quit without notice” explains meat packing plant manager, Alan Longspan.

“Never did we realize that they had been murdered and processed as food,” he told reporters, still visibly under shock.

Under current state law and if convicted, Burroughs could be sentenced to the capital punishment by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), believe experts.

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  1. In my experience working at a beef processing plant, most of the employees are not citizens and do not speak English. Especially if they are here illegally, this presents major challenges where they very well might not even report an individual missing.

    • you took my answer nearly verbatim. in the plant i worked in, nearly everyone outside the office was mexican or guatemalan…most of whom were illegal. if they “don’t exist” then it’s hard to report them missing.

    • It going unnoticed if they were illegals is understandable, but how did they arrive at 71 people killed?

  2. I’d like to know how the police did not find this suspicious throughout the 17 years ?? Every single person that died, worked at the same place ?? Who’s the worst police station in the entire world ?? idiots !

    • My thoughts exactly. How did they not put these clues together?

    • Probably a lot of them were Hispanic and unless they had family here then no one knew that they came up missing from work… Just a guess because you would think that if it was people here they would most likely have family that would of turned them in as missing … Not that I am taking up for the police in Sulphur Springs but they seem to be around when you don’t need them and not when you do… Glad that I don’t live there anymore and haven’t for years!!

    • Amen….this town trys and hide everything Evil Evil what excuse will they have????

    • They were all busy looking for kids with pot.. way more important than a murderer forcing cannibalism

    • According to the article, They didn’t know the people dies, they thought they just quit showing up for work. That’s why they never suspected anything. No body, no missing people…

    • It says they disappeared. You mist work for the Sherrifs department… idiot.

      (And don’t be a cunt)

    • Antho, while you clearly have a grasp of difficult small words like “cunt”, you might want to brush up on longer words like “douchebaggery” and learn to comprehend an article. It doesn’t say all these people were known to have disappeared over 17 years. It says after a recent discovery, human bones were found and raided suspicions. No where does it say they were all reported missing. It also says they were used to people not showing up for work after a few days so it wasn’t a red flag. Jerk.

    • Ummm if someone is not reported missing then how do you blame it on police ? Where were their friends and fa.ily to report them gone ?? You are such a great TV detective !! Stick to watching CSI

    • Ding, Ding, Ding! 71 people were probably reported missing by friends or family, this plant was the last known place they would have been… and it went unnoticed and uninvestigated for that many years?? Seriously?? Who had their head up their ass on that one??

    • Well, he wasn’t driving a car or in a position for the police to collect any money, so no point for them.

    • They r dumb cops

    • Well, beanrs are hard to deferentiate between. Damn Mexicans!

    • You are assuming that they were reported missing. 71 people disappearing over 17 years works out at approximately 1 ever three months. I would bet turn over in a processing plant every month is 10x that number.

      So give the cops a break………it takes someone to report it to them.

    • Antho is the idiot!

    • While I get how the plant wouldn’t notice isn’t it suspicious that 71 poeple died and they were not reported missing? I am leaning towards the comment above, wonder if maybe they had employed illegals or he found people with no family. Sad that so many can die and no one notices.

    • That’s fucking Texas for you a bunch of 10 gallon hat’s with only a quarter cents worth of brains they think they’re better taller bigger stronger. Fuck them, The Mexicans are taking it back over we would only be lucky enough to have 49 states without that useless waste land!!!

    • They don’t know if all 70 people were actually killed. They are going to have to try to track down every person who quit there from 1998 till now. Most employers do not follow up with employees who quit, and most employees don’t give notice, they just leave. I know when I quit my last job, (was only making minimum wage of 7.50 an hour)I didn’t follow up. I gave my 2 weeks and then left when done.

  3. The food locker does personal processing, and sells some to the local community. They do not as far as I know distribute to stores.

    • The question is how did the human bones at the other plant go undetected for so long..?

    • Local community? Like the sulphur springs brookshire? Or just food banks?

      What kind of meat was it supposed to be? Augh!!!

  4. Hopkins County Food Lockers would be the only one in the area but not sure who they supply. There will no doubt be an investigation.

  5. I would love to know which meat packing plant and where the remains went to over the years and what states and stores. That is dangerous

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