Siamese twins in court over one sister’s right to marry the other one’s ex-husband

A set of 34-year-old conjoined twins from Maryland are facing each other in court, as one of the siblings is contesting her sister’s right to marry her ex-husband.

Gamila and Sachi al-Fayed were born joined at the side of the head, facing slightly away from each other, and spent their entire life that way.

Despite her unusual situation, Gamila found love and got married in 2011 with a charming electrician named Kalil Hassan.

Sachi Al-Fayed says she is ready to fight for her right to get married despite her sister’s “bitter outlook on love”.

The marriage went well for the first few years, and Gamila thought she had found true happiness.

But Ms. Al-Fayed soon found out that her husband was far from perfect and that he had more interest in her family’s wealth than he had for her.

Mr. Hassan became gradually more controlling and abusive and began gambling important amounts of money belonging to his wife, losing as much as $50,000 a day on various online poker sites.

According to Gamila Al-Fayed, her ex-husband not only lost $4,6 million of her money but was extremely abusive and disrespectful, frequently calling her “a nauseating freak, a gross mutant, a disgrace to humankind.”

“He kept telling me that my sister had all the brains for both of us and that he should have married her. I even found out he had sex with her while I was asleep.”

The couple divorced in March 2019 and Gamila hoped that would be the end of the story, but her sister had a surprise for her.

Sachi al-Fayed says Kalil Hassan is a wonderful man and was simply the victim of her sister’s bitterness and frigidity.

“My sister is a cold-hearted bitch. She calls him a gold-digger only because she can’t accept that he’s my soulmate, not hers.”

The two sisters were facing each other in a specially adapted courtroom this morning in Baltimore, Maryland.

Gamila al-Fayed is filing for a court restraining order to prevent her sister from marrying Mr. Hassan.

She claims that allowing her sister to marry him would expose her to constant abuse and harassment and therefore violate her basic rights.

Dozens of reporters were present to cover this unusual case, which should clarify many legal issues concerning the rights of conjoined twins.

Experts are divided about the possible outcome of this case as there are very few similar cases that could be used as jurisprudence in United States.

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  1. I thought that it wasn’t politically correct to refer to conjoined twins as “Siamese twins.”

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