Shipwrecked Malaysian fisherman claims he was sexually assaulted by a great white shark

A Malaysian fisherman who spent two days floating adrift in the ocean after his ship capsized and sank during a storm claims he was savagely raped by a great white shark while in the water.

44-year old Ashraf Muhammad Bin Syed was part of a seven men crew that was reported missing last Friday after their fishing vessel capsized about 60 nautical miles off the coastal city of Mukah.

Six of the fishermen were rapidly rescued by other vessels despite the storm but the rescuers were unable to locate Mr. Bin Sayed.

Over the next 18 hours, the poor man drifted over more than 15 nautical miles without seeing any ships or land.

That’s when he claims he saw by a 12-ft long great white shark approaching him aggressively.

Mr. Bin Sayed says he thought the shark was going to bite and kill him, but the predator had other, more unusual plans for him…

“It came at me with its jaws open but just tore off my pants and started awkwardly humping with extreme violence.”

The injured fisherman claims the assault lasted several minutes before the shark ejaculated in the water and left.

“All of a sudden, it stopped assaulting me and I had no idea why. Then I saw white stuff floating all around and understood it had finished its thing.”

The Malaysian coast guards who rescued Mr. Bin Sayed say he was unconscious, bloodied and almost naked when they found him floating adrift wearing only a life jacket, a torn tshirt and shoes.

According to experts, sexual aggressions by sharks are a rare phenomenon but are not completely unheard of.

Most shark attacks every year occur during mating season, as the predators become particularly territorial and aggressive.

Many victims of sexual assaults by sharks get bitten either during or after the assault, so Mr. Bin Sayed si lucky so still be alive.

He suffers from the consequences of hypothermia as well as several minor lashes but should survive his ordeal. The psychological trauma caused by his misadventure could, however, affect him for the rest of his life.

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