Seaworld theme park: 17 penguins found dead after mass suicide

The Seaworld chain of theme parks is facing a new public relation crisis, after an investigation on the death of 17 penguins in its San Diego facilities on December 22, concluded that the birds committed a mass suicide.

While arriving at work in the morning, Seaworld employees found 17 dead penguins and 12 other severely injured ones, at the foot of a 30-foot high wall. An independent investigation was ordered to determine the cause of these mysterious deaths, and the experts have made their conclusions public yesterday.

According to the 26-page report,  the penguins suffered from severe depression, caused by their “inhumane living conditions”. The marine biologists and veterinarian pathologists concluded that the penguins had chosen to commit suicide “in order to put an end to their pain and suffering”.

The corporate curator for Zoological Operations at all SeaWorld Parks, Chuck Tompkins, met reporters this morning to react to report, which he called a “deceitful and biased piece of shit”.

“The living conditions of all penguins in our marine parks are absolutely exemplary,” said Mr Tompkins. “They are well-fed and have a large enclosure with a pool and everything… Anyways, let’s be honest, penguins are like chicken, they’re not smart enough to be suicidal! These so-called experts are clearly animal right extremists who want to close all zoos and marine parks.”


Seaworld’s corporate curator, Chuck Tompkins, dismissed the report as fallacious, insisting that birds were unable of being suicidal.

This new incident occurs at a really bad moment for Seaworld, which is already struggling to maintain a positive public image.

The corporation has been in the crosshairs of animal rights activists and has experienced a drop in revenue since the release of the documentary Blackfish, in 2013. The movie chronicled the case of Tilikum, a killer whale that caused the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau, in 2010.

Three of Seaworld’s famous orcas have also died over the last six months, and all of them were still very young, considering their 100-year life expectancy. The last to date is 18-year-old Unna, who died from a rare fungal infection last week, causing reactions from many animal rights organizations.

5 Comments on "Seaworld theme park: 17 penguins found dead after mass suicide"

  1. I will continue to protest this hellhole until the prisoners and slaves are free or in a sanctuary where they are not forced to perform every day of their lives, subject to loud music, fireworks, chemicals, eating dead fish, and staring at a concrete wall 24/7. No living being should “live” and die like this. $eaWorld greed and pure evil.

  2. Paula Kaartinen | January 3, 2016 at 10:05 pm | Reply

    I made two comments and neither posted. I don’t know why.
    Fire Chuck Tompkins and close Sea World.

  3. For all you Sea World lovers out there that refuse to open your eyes. Now what? Bye Bye Seaworld. Bye Bye.

  4. Why in Hell would you have such a EVIL HATEFUL PATHETIC HEARTLESS POS PARASITE in charge of anything having to do with Precious Animals!???? GET RID OF THAT SCUM BASTARD..AND SET ALL THOSE ANIMALS FREE..SEAWORLD MUST BE CLOSED DOWN!!

  5. Clearly Chuck has never spent time with a chicken!!! Piece of shit he is needs to realize that the times are a changing. Faster than he thinks. Animals in captivity will be a thing of the past soon enough. I hope this place goes down fast along with all Aquariums and Zoos. You can’t love some and eat the others.

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