Saudi Prince offers 200 camels to spend a night with Ivanka Trump

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka continues to attract attention around the world, and a Saudi prince publicly offered her 200 camels to spend one night with him.

31-year old Mohammed bin Salman, whom King Salman has entrusted with the key defense and economic policy portfolios, made his shocking offer during a press conference in Riyadh.

Discussing the country’s relations with the new American administration, the prince claimed that he had already offered Ivanka Trump 100 camels when she visited the country with her father earlier this year and had decided to double his offer.

“She is a great woman and the daughter of a great man. I would gladly give 200 of my best camels to breed with her.”

Prince Mohammed bin Salman even added that he would like to have children with the First Daughter.

“We both come from great lineage. Our offspring would certainly be an exceptional foal.” 

The Saudi Prince praised President Trump for “raising such an admirable woman” and said he would be delighted to be linked to “such a grat man”.

Prince Mohammed bin Salam offered Ivanka Trump 100 camels to spend a night with her when she visited Saudi Arabia in

Prince Mohammed bin Salman claims he had already offered Ivanka Trump 100 camels to spend a night with her when he met her during her visit to Saudi Arabia in May.

The prince’s comment caused a lot of reactions in the U.S. and around the world.

Many people on social media criticized the prince for using terms usually used for animal breeding, while others described as “barbaric” the concept of offering camels in exchange for a woman.

A few American feminist organizations like the International Women’s Democracy Center have called for a boycott of Saudi oil to denounce the country’s “misogyny” and “condescending attitude towards women around the world”.

Neither Donald Trump nor his daughter have reacted to the offer.

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  1. They will breed a “foal”….right. Coming from an Saudi Arabian animal, what do you expect.

  2. Take the offer in oil

  3. He’ll probably behead her…lunitics

  4. The low life rag head should have offered 200 million dollars after she and D are no longer married. 200 million tax free in advance might not be enough.

  5. I know how she feels. When I was on holiday in Cairo my husband was approached by an arab and offered 100 camels for me in the hotel we were staying in, that was 20 years ago so the price hasn’t gone up much.

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