San Francisco: Uber driver admits to being forced into anal sex with four clients to keep his five-star rating

A San Francisco Uber driver has decided to go public after being forced to perform sexual acts on four passengers who threatened to rob him of his perfect five-star ranking.

Rajesh Samayamantri Venkata, an engineering student at the University of San Francisco, has decided to go public over his sexual assault in an effort to warn other potential victims of the possible abuses of Uber passengers.

Rajesh released a video on his YouTube channel detailing the horrifying details of his abuse by four passengers who threatened to destroy his perfect five-star Uber ranking if he did not perform sexual acts on them.

Rajesh allegedly picked up four adult men at 3:46 am at a bar on Castro Street last week when he politely asked his passengers to give him a nice ranking because he needed the work to pay for his university tuition fees.

“They told me that if I wanted to keep my five-star rating, I would have to have sex with each and every one of them or they would give me a one-star ranking. Then they put all four penises in my mouth at the same time,” Rajesh recalled in horror.

An Uber driver who gets a low-star ranking may be barred from using Uber on a temporary or permanent basis, a fact some passengers may use to take advantage of Uber drivers warns Rajesh Samayamantri Venkata.

“I was forced into positions I have never heard of even in the Kamasutra. I prayed Vishnu many times that night, hoping they could just finish it off but they always wanted more,” he added, visibly in agony.

Rajesh later officially reported the sexual assault to the San Francisco Police Department but was told that since he allowed the passengers to do so in exchange for a good rating, it was a consensual act.

“The police said that since they gave me a five-star rating for excellent service and gave me a $3 tip, it was not considered sexual assault,” he later told reporters when reached by phone.

Rajesh says that by bringing his tragic story to the public, he hopes to warn other potential victims of passengers who might seek to take advantage of drivers and also urges Uber to change its ranking system to better protect drivers.

Uber, as part of a long-anticipated safety report, revealed that more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during its U.S. rides in 2018.

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  1. Hence the need for a dash cam when you drive rideshare. Wow.

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  3. LOL he wanted it. Must have practiced a ton to fit 4 in his mouth..

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