San Francisco homeless man dies from rabies after performing oral sex on stray dog

A San Francisco homeless man who was arrested and later hospitalized was pronounced dead this week after contracting rabies reports the Frisco Chronicler.

Bernard John Fellman, 56, was arrested last week and charged with public indecency and lewdness after partaking in sexual activities with a dog in a San Francisco public park.

B.J. Fellman had previously been arrested by the San Francisco police on multiple occasions for urinating and defecating in public, although he was never formally charged and was exempted from paying any fines.

San Francisco police officers were dispatched on the scene after a number of complaints were made.

“The suspect allegedly inserted the dog’s penis into his mouth and started to perform oral sex on the animal in a public area” San Francisco police chief, William Scott, told reporters.

A medical examination showed traces of dog semen infected with the rabies virus in the mouth, face, and hair of B.J. Fellman, 56, which is also believed to have caused symptoms such as fever, internal bleeding, and seizures before his eventual death.

“Although bestiality is not technically illegal in the state of California, the fact that the suspect partook in sexual activities with the animal in full daylight, in a public area near an elementary school and that he was partially naked forced officers to intervene,” San Francisco police chief, William Scott, explained.

Eye witness testimonies also indicate that the man had spread what appeared to be peanut butter on his genitals to lure the animal to him.

“The man had no pants on and the dog was licking his genitals and then he grabbed the dog’s penis and shoved it into his mouth. It is an image I will be stuck with for the rest of my life,” one onlooker admitted, visibly horrified.

A San Francisco police spokesman said that although similar occurrences are rare, it is important for the population to “avoid interactions with stray animals which carry a variety of diseases” and to “refrain from any sexual activity with them as well.”

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