San Francisco epidemiologist warns coronavirus can be transmitted through anal sex

New research examining COVID-19 and human feces suggests potential risks for sexual transmission through the anus and rectum.

Epidemiologist Jude Perkins at University of California San Francisco analyzed feces samples of 138 COVID-19 patients and found the presence of the virus in 95% of them.

According to the research team, COVID-19’s scatological impact on those who regularly practice sodomy has been completely neglected since the spread of the disease.

“90 percent of San Francisco residents practice sodomy on a regular basis but no testing had been done until now on the impact of COVID-19 on these people,” explained epidemiologist Jude Perkins.

The practice of sodomy with an infected partner could lead to contracting COVID-19 according to the research team’s latest results.

“Sodomy practiced on a regular basis has been shown to have strong health benefits but should be discouraged between infected persons,” Dr. Jude Perkins warned.

To confirm their findings, the research team sought the help of two hundred volunteers who sent feces samples as well as video recordings of themselves practicing the act of sodomy and defecating to ensure the quality of the results.

“The San Francisco community has been extremely helpful during the whole process that led to the results of this research,” assured Dr. Jude Perkins.

Dr. Perkins now hopes to study the effects of other popular sexual practices of the SF community and their impact on the spread of COVID-19 such as bondage, facial cum shots, and fisting.

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