Same-sex parents in court battle after state refuses to pay for sex change of three-month-old trans baby

A same-sex couple is suing the state of South Carolina for refusing to pay for the gender reassignment surgery of their three-month-old son.

Vincent Bouclair, 36, and Matthew O’Connor, 39, self-diagnosed their child with gender dysphoria several days after its birth after noticing that their little boy felt a strong identification with the opposite sex.

Several symptoms of gender dysphoria appeared only days after the boy’s birth, prompting parents to seek medical counseling for an eventual sex-change operation.

“Ethan would strictly refuse to pee standing up and was literally allergic to wearing pants and the color blue,” both parents explained to journalists.

Both parents were shocked to learn that their request for gender reassignment surgery, or even feminizing hormonal therapy, for their three-month-old child had been refused by the state of South Carolina.

“Ethan needs feminizing hormonal therapy so that he can grow up a healthy and balanced little girl living in a body which suits his true gender” both parents pleaded, visibly shocked by the news.

Although Ethan’s parents have opted to start their son’s feminizing hormonal therapy without the support of the state and with the use of medication to suppress testosterone production and induce feminization, they fear hormone therapy will not be enough.

“What he needs is a vaginoplasty, as fast as possible and before it’s too late. All we want is the best for our child, like any other parent” both parents added, visibly distraught by the whole affair.

Most sex therapists recommend that physicians perform gender reassignment surgery as soon as birth in some cases to assign such infants in the gender to which they will probably best adjust and to help prevent potential shame and stigma.

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