Reality show contestants rescued after 5 years on a deserted island

Seven participants of a Philippino reality TV show were miraculously rescued by coastguards after being stranded a total of 64 months on a deserted island.

The three men and four women are all that remain of the 16 original contenders on the TV show Survivor: Castaway, which was meant to go on air in 2013.

8 men and 8 women from all over the Philippines were transported to the isolated and deserted Marooning Island for the shooting and were meant to remain there for a maximum of two months.

Unfortunately for the contestants, the shooting was abandoned only two weeks after it began due and they were abandoned on their island.

The contestants somehow found a way to catch small quantities of fish and build a few makeshift residences over the island.

This elaborate structure is the largest of the three residences built by the castaways. It was inhabited by four of the survivors at the tme of their rescue.

The seven survivors had been spotted for the first time last week by fishermen, who had reported them to the Philippines Coast Guard (PCG).

Due to the density of the jungle on the island, it took almost ten days of intensive research before the coast guards were able to locate and rescue them.

Captain Ramon Balilo of the PCG described the operation as “a great success” during an interview with CNN.

“The survivors are severely dehydrated and some show signs of severe stress and malnutrition, but we were able to transport all of them back to safety.”

According to Captain Balilo, the survivors told horrible stories about their time on the island.

“They told us stories of pirate attacks and cannibalism. They say three of them were kidnapped by armed men and taken on a boat, and they were forced to eat the other six to survive.” 

Captain Balilo of the Philippines Coast Guard says the contenders were forced to resort to cannibalism to survive.

The survivors were transported to the hospital to receive medical care, but they will be interrogated by police over the next few days and could possibly face criminal accusations.

The producers of the show, a Malaysian company who filed for bankruptcy in 2012, could also face criminal charges.

The Philippino police is also trying to locate the three women who were allegedly kidnapped by armed men in 2015.

This extremely delicate investigation could take months to complete, but some criminal charged could be filed as soon as next week.

Considering the six confirmed dead and 3 missing women, the people found responsible could face the death penalty.

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