Progressive Saudi government downgrades capital punishment crime of homosexuality to ‘mental illness’

The progressive Saudi government of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud has downgraded the crime of homosexuality from a blasphemous act against God to a mental illness reports the Riyadh Herald this week.

Progressive Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said that to increase tourism during the coronavirus pandemic, the Saudi government must make the countries’ laws more appealing to ‘Western deviant sexual practices and culture’.

The crime of homosexuality is currently punishable by death in Saudi Arabia in most cases but first-time offenders receive lesser punishments such as partial stoning (fewer than fifty stones thrown to the head), 10,000 lashes and or sodomy by a male camel (still currently practiced mostly in Yemeni bordering regions).

“We must accept the deviant and immoral sexual practices and culture of the West as a way of promoting tourism in our country,” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said this week.

The punishment of homosexuality by sodomy from a male adult camel, although a traditional practice that has ceased in various regions of the country, is still commonly practiced in regions bordering Yemen.

“Electroshock therapy, water boarding and other advanced modern medical methods have been shown to be very successful to treat such deviant Western sexual practices” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also admitted.

These progressive positions have taken aback the clergy that has nonetheless kept silent on the issue in fear of reprimand.

“Saudi Arabia hopes to become a forerunner in the development of a vaccine that will help these deviant sexual practices cease to exist once and for all,” a government spokesman said.

Russian, Chinese and Saudi pharma companies have been known to be in the race these past decades for the production of vaccines that could cure homosexuality targeting mostly Western countries, a multi-billion dollar market according to experts.

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