Prehistoric Cave Art Depicting Humans Hunting Dinosaurs Discovered in Kuwait

Kuwait| A 67-year old sheperd looking for one of his animals, stumbled upon what could be one of the most astonishing discoveries of modern archeology. The man noticed a barely visible entrance to a group of caves covered with prehistoric art depicting many humans and animals, but also a few live dinosaurs, bringing many questions concerning the chronology of the extinction of these gigantic creatures.

“At first, we thought these were modern grafitis” explains Abdul Al-Shalafi, the paleontologist recently named in charge of the site, “but the carbon dating analysis revealed that they were in fact, older than the rest of the drawings. It seems that these were probably the first images drawn in the cave, and they seem to relate to the earliest period of development of this settlement.”

These amazing work of arts combined with dinosaur bones discovered on the spot, bring aa all new perspective to the theories concerning the disappearance of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. It now seems plausible that humans could actually have coexisted with these incredible creatures until a few hundred thousand years ago.

“These prehistoric pictograms seem to illustrate dinosaurs being hunted by humans” adds Mr Al-Shalafi. “This could mean that humans are actually to blame for their extermination. This is certainly a revolutionnary new perspective and it will certainly be hard for many historians and archeologists to accept.”

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  1. There is a logical explanation for this, mainly that dinosaurs invented Time Travel.

  2. The numbers of geoglyphs and rock art of various dinosaurs including flyers from all over the world runs into hundreds if not thousands, on all continents. The Ica Stones portray various dinosaurs. The Acambaro figurines portray hundreds of different dinosaurs. At least 23 unfossilized dinosaur bones in the US, mostly from the Montana formation, have been C-14 dated from 12,000 to 50,000 years before present. Dr. Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State found collagen and hemoglobin elements inside a T-Rex hind limb. (That’s blood and tissue for you neophytes) Another 47 dinosaur bone have been C-14 dated in Russian with ages ranging from 12,000 to 42,000 years before present.

    The above data has nothing to do with Creationism vs Gradualism. Both are as wrong as they could be. The facts support that man and some mid sized dinosaurs, including T-Rex were contemporaries at the end of the Pleistocene. And many herbivore dinosaurs lived well up into the mid to late Holocene.

    There are historical records of Triceratops being kept as Chinese pet as late as a thousand years ago.

    There is carving of a Stegosaurus on a temple column in Cambodia. That building is less than 1,000 years old.

    The facts are that dinosaurs and humans are

  3. Drawings my son made of our dog when he was six years of age look remarkably similar to the drawings shown that supposedly depict a dinosaur.

    But then ancient people wouldn’t allow their children leave to scribble on the living room wall….would they?

    • Google “Ancient Dinosaur Depictions” and you will find them all over the world. Ancient peoples had to be seeing these creatures first hand. There is no other explanation.

  4. Pedro Guaycha | March 27, 2014 at 8:18 pm | Reply

    Now I would love to see the evolutionists faces XD. It is fun when life hits you hard on what you consider it was an indisputable truth.

  5. Its so funy 🙂 probably desert lizard

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