Prehistoric Cave Art Depicting Humans Hunting Dinosaurs Discovered in Kuwait

Kuwait| A 67-year old sheperd looking for one of his animals, stumbled upon what could be one of the most astonishing discoveries of modern archeology. The man noticed a barely visible entrance to a group of caves covered with prehistoric art depicting many humans and animals, but also a few live dinosaurs, bringing many questions concerning the chronology of the extinction of these gigantic creatures.

“At first, we thought these were modern grafitis” explains Abdul Al-Shalafi, the paleontologist recently named in charge of the site, “but the carbon dating analysis revealed that they were in fact, older than the rest of the drawings. It seems that these were probably the first images drawn in the cave, and they seem to relate to the earliest period of development of this settlement.”

These amazing work of arts combined with dinosaur bones discovered on the spot, bring aa all new perspective to the theories concerning the disappearance of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. It now seems plausible that humans could actually have coexisted with these incredible creatures until a few hundred thousand years ago.

“These prehistoric pictograms seem to illustrate dinosaurs being hunted by humans” adds Mr Al-Shalafi. “This could mean that humans are actually to blame for their extermination. This is certainly a revolutionnary new perspective and it will certainly be hard for many historians and archeologists to accept.”

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  1. Optimus Brine | March 27, 2014 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    kind of funny that the bull is drawn bigger than the person but the dinosaur is not

    • Shosuro Inazo | March 28, 2014 at 2:11 pm |

      This is because the Dino (looks likje Denver the Dinosaur) is in the greater distance from the scene of the slaughter… hence the size. There you go, you are very welcome 😉

    • I agree with the other comment here, its about perspective… the dino is in the distance… note that the people are not drawn the same size either. This could be foreground and background.
      A lot people (including many who commented above) haven’t actually investigated radiometric dating and the flaws and assumptions they (ALL) contain. Just think; how is a fossil formed? Then think of dead animals and the rate that dead matter decays… shortly (in a matter of a few years) very little of the carcass remains. So how do fossils ‘wait’ millions of years for rock strata and sediment to form around them. the logical explanation is that they don’t, they need to be ‘buried’ very quickly to preserve the specimen. (there are many question marks about “millions and billions of years”)

  2. Optimus Brine | March 27, 2014 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    These HAVE to be dinosaurs since they were the only animals that ever existed in all of history that had long necks and tails… OF COURSE this has to be one of those… and not something a human might actually hunt… like a lizard

    You win this round Ken Ham!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I love that. I’m on Ken Ham’s side with a lot of stuff, but I gotta admit your comment is hilarious.

  3. Quote: “This could mean that humans are actually to blame for their extermination”

    Wow, suddenly all credibility this article had, is no more.

    • Nothing like jumping to conclusions too hastily. There is not enough evidence in this small drawing to conclude anything. We know these drawings are of dinosaurs how? How do we know that the artist wasn’t just depicting hunters and a dinosaur look-alike in the same picture, like an artist might do today? There’s a lack of perspective in these drawings, a lack of scale, which makes it hard to conclude anything about the size of these creatures. The article mixes up the time frame, stating both 65 million years ago and hundreds of 1000’s of years ago. Is it saying the drawing proves dinosaurs didn’t die out even a million years ago? Bottom line, much more investigation is needed before any conclusions are drawn, but to suggest humans caused the extinction of dinosaurs based on this drawing is a much too big violation of scientific investigation to even be considered.

    • Why? Do you not know of the fossilized human footprint found next to a dinosaur footprint on the Paluxy river bed? Do you not know that this human footprint was of a person wearing shoes?
      … And what about the gold chain found deep underground embedded in a lump of coal?
      There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  4. I personally think it could be ferrets… Its common knowledge that ancient people used them help them to burrow after rabbits and flush wildlife for hunters. (before wiener dogs)

    • You have to be kidding! Even a young child can tell the difference between a ferret and a dinosaur. NO similarities!

  5. So what… in another 10,000 years, an episode of “The Flintstones” will qualify as “prehistoric artwork depicting man living contemporaneously with dinosaurs”.

    This proves nothing except the existence of prehistoric trade routes between Kuwait and Scotland, since the creature circled in the photo is definitely the Loch Ness Monster..

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