Prehistoric Cave Art Depicting Humans Hunting Dinosaurs Discovered in Kuwait

Kuwait| A 67-year old sheperd looking for one of his animals, stumbled upon what could be one of the most astonishing discoveries of modern archeology. The man noticed a barely visible entrance to a group of caves covered with prehistoric art depicting many humans and animals, but also a few live dinosaurs, bringing many questions concerning the chronology of the extinction of these gigantic creatures.

“At first, we thought these were modern grafitis” explains Abdul Al-Shalafi, the paleontologist recently named in charge of the site, “but the carbon dating analysis revealed that they were in fact, older than the rest of the drawings. It seems that these were probably the first images drawn in the cave, and they seem to relate to the earliest period of development of this settlement.”

These amazing work of arts combined with dinosaur bones discovered on the spot, bring aa all new perspective to the theories concerning the disappearance of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. It now seems plausible that humans could actually have coexisted with these incredible creatures until a few hundred thousand years ago.

“These prehistoric pictograms seem to illustrate dinosaurs being hunted by humans” adds Mr Al-Shalafi. “This could mean that humans are actually to blame for their extermination. This is certainly a revolutionnary new perspective and it will certainly be hard for many historians and archeologists to accept.”

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  1. If this is in Kuwait, those cave-men xeroxed a copy of it in Tadart-acacus Libya and left the seeming Dinosaurus out. I wonder which one is phony.

  2. Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible. The oldest book of the Bible, Job, God tells Job to look at Behemoth. He even describes what the creature looks like, its habitat and what it eats. This is around 5,000 years ago. Mass graves of dinosaurs have recently been found and in positions that look like they died gasping for air. The way they are preserved indicates they died suddenly by a massive flood. Also, because the tissues are still in tact, showingbtraces of blood as well, it is proof that these dinosaurs could not have perished millions of years ago, as some scientists have said. The flood is also mentioned in the Bible.

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