Pranksters Arrested After Introducing Piranhas To Great Lakes

Cleveland | Six students from Cleveland State University have been arrested by the US Coast Guard after introducing a dozen piranhas in Lake Erie in an attempt to help spread the species as a “prank”.

The six biology students, who had planned the whole affair for months after breeding illegally specimens of the piranhas legally owned by the university in the home of one of the suspects, were arrested this afternoon after one of the students was conscience-stricken and warned local authorities of the plot.

Although six specimens of red-bellied piranhas, or Pygocentrus nattereri, a native of the Amazon basin, were seized by police officers before they were freed in Lake Erie, a dozen piranhas have been set free warns local deputy sheriff Adam Brooks.


Professor of Biology, Helmut Munschz, warns that because of warming temperatures, the piranhas could spread like wildfire in the region

The professor of Biology at the University of Cleveland was clearly alarmed at the news.

“This is highly irresponsible of them to be introducing a potentially deadly species next to such a huge population center,” he told local reporters.

“This species of piranhas spawns hundreds of eggs every two or three months. Since we are at the beginning of spring, a dozen piranhas could turn out to be thousands of piranhas in only a very short time” he admitted, visibly concerned.

“There is no way of tracking these fish or stopping them from spreading until winter comes and water temperatures lower enough for the species to be unable to live in such conditions” he explained nervously.


Red-bellied piranhas are known for their sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and voracious appetite for meat

Local authorities are asking citizens of the area with injuries to avoid the beaches as piranhas have a keen sense of smell. It has been estimated that piranhas can detect blood as far away as 2 miles, admit experts.

11 Comments on "Pranksters Arrested After Introducing Piranhas To Great Lakes"

  1. I think they dhould be prosecuted as terrorists also! They had to know what kind of damage Piranhas can cause! They will destroy our eco system! And put peoples lives in danger! Michigan and Canada should be informed of this! What a bunch of morons! Prosecute them severely!!!!

  2. They probably won’t live lng anyways, our waters are too cold for them to survive.

  3. I feel like they should be prosecuted as terrorists as they knew what kind of situation this would cause. Its not a prank when your introducing a very dangerous species. Why hasn’t Canada herd about this? We have a right to know since this isn’t far from our boarders!

    • Just wait until Bill C-51 gets royal assent, then you can accuse them and they’ll spend the rest of their lives in indefinite detention.

  4. Debbie Moores | May 22, 2015 at 3:20 am | Reply

    I hope they get a severe sentence which I doubt , this could be murder of human/animal life. and also a very unhealthy threat to the ecosystem of Lake Erie where the 5 great lakes are joined to hundreds of other waterways god knows where this killer will end up Sad such a waste of maybe intellegent individuals

  5. I do not suppose that anyone has notified authorities in Canada about this. The Ministry of Natural Resorses Ontario and Environment Canada should be informed of this.

    • Go ahead and do it Nelson.

    • Diane Bakker | May 27, 2015 at 12:42 pm |

      I agree with the much more serious than just a prank they need to be charged with the most serious charge they can be charge with as others said the whole great lakes system and beyond are at risk needless to say how many people or animals or fish species ext will be in jeopardy because of this
      Don’t kids think !!!!!!
      With summer coming every beach every person there is in potential danger
      This could be an ecological disaster

    • John smith | May 27, 2015 at 10:43 pm |

      Who the hell cares about Canada anyway? And its fitting that its some dumba## from Ohio that plans this. They are all a bunch of dumb sh*ts down there.

    • This dude^^^^^^complete IDIOT! He must have gotten beat up by a Canadian with his big mouth. Now he has a chip on his shoulder lol. GOOF!!

    • John Smith, you’re an ASS. I’m Canadian and this concerns me, as there’s a lot of people in towns along the shoreline, both on your side, as well as our side, who actually use the lake for recreation, so PISS OFF!!!! Thank gawd these fish will not be a problem next year, as they’ll die off with the winter temperatures. Hope no one gets hurt. These kids need to get charged. This is beyond a prank.

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