‘Poverty is Genetic’ says Trump’s New Billionaire Education Secretary


 Washington | Betsy DeVos has not even been voted in yet as education secretary that she is already making headlines.

The wealthy billionaire Republican donor and longtime private school advocate, has emerged as one of Trump’s most controversial Cabinet picks.

One of her public speeches made in 2016 during a Republican fundraiser has resurfaced and has spawned a major outcry amongst teachers’-unions and in education circles.

Poverty is genetic, all the studies prove it. Poor family genes make for poor students, it’s a fact of life

– Betsy DeVos

“Public schools have historically been proven to lower students IQs. Why not try to salvage the brightest minds and put them in private schools? In a few generations, they might even grow up to play a useful part in society,” she added.

A controversial choice

DeVos will be the first education secretary in the department’s 35-year history to not have been a public school parent or student.

DeVos attended private institutions for both grade school and college, and her four children were educated at private schools.

Some experts describe her as potentially the most radical and “hostile” figure to lead public education since the Office of Education was established in 1867.

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  1. So is her mental retardation!!

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