Pakistan: Man sentenced to death for farting in mosque during Ramadan

A Pakistani judge has sentenced a man to be executed after he was expelled 17 times from 6 different mosques for excessive farting during the period of the Ramadan reports the Islamabad Herald this week.

The Ramadan is the most important religious festival for Muslims and the judge declared that he had indisposed people of the faith and even caused 53 people at one time to leave the mosque during a prayer, a “blasphemous act” which should be punished “according to Allah’s will.”

The judge was lenient, have admitted many experts in the region, as he gave the convicted man the choice of being beheaded or stoned to death.

“The law is clear, he should be stoned to death, beheading is a very light sentence and saves him from any suffering,” protested the government prosecutor.

Deputy District Public Prosecutor (DDPP) Syed Anees Shah told reporters the accused got a "very light sentence" for the crime of blasphemy.

Deputy District Public Prosecutor (DDPP) Syed Anees Shah told reporters the accused got a “very light sentence” for the crime of blasphemy.

A rare medical condition

Muhammad Al-Wahabi, 33, suffers from chronic flatulence, “a rare medical condition” he argued in his self-defense, as no lawyer would take his case.

“No lawyer is crazy enough to bet his career on this issue. If his client his condemned, as in this case, the lawyer would face prosecution and possibly the same faith as his client” admits legal expert Andrew Jones, a Middle Eastern law expert.

Al-Wahabi did not contest the judgment and even said the judgment was fair and that he hoped Allah would be gracious enough to pardon his blasphemous actions.

Al-Wahabi also admitted that he put a tampon in his rectum several times in a desperate attempt to mask the noise and odor.

“A disgraceful and insidious act” the judge declared, visibly disgusted.

“Muslims are not allowed to insert any objects inside their anus, not even a finger, it is forbidden by the Koran,” said the judge.

“As a judge, I must set an example for other Muslims.  This is clearly unacceptable under Shariah law,” he concluded.

Al-Wahabi admitted to the judge he had failed his God, his religion, and his people and was terribly sorry for what he had done, and asked for his two wives and seven children’s mercy in court and thanked the judge for his verdict.

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  1. Richard Heller-Nicholas | September 13, 2017 at 4:47 am | Reply

    Islam is evil

  2. my first thought every time i hear about pakistani islamofanatics is, oh god, these maniacs have nukes.

  3. In this crual religious drama every factors like a poor innocent eccused, A rigid religion, A disgraceful judiciary, A deaf and dumb public are available except common sense. Shame on such religion and it’s followers

  4. They sentenced him to death for two reasons: His actions proved that Allah and Mo are powerless even against a simple farter, and they probably suspected he had been eating at a Jewish Deli.

  5. “No object may be inserted in his rectum?” If that law were employed uniformly, Islam’s population would be reduced significantly. Or, maybe it doesn’t apply to putting something in someone else’s behind? Bet Beno is a big seller over there. Thank God we live in America where we are encouraged to f*rt prodigiously, and in Mo’s direction.

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