Oregon circuit court refuses man’s demand to legally change his name to “Myex-Wife Isabitch”

A judge of the Clackamas County Circuit Court in Oregon has denied a man’s demand to change his name to Myex-Wife Isabitch, judging the man’s motivations and his desired name were in violation of the state’s law.

According to the judgment, 34-year old Jason McNichols’ demand for a name change is “motivated by a desire for vengeance rather than any kind of dislike for his present name” and could cause prejudice to his former spouse.

Mr. McNichols and his ex-wife, 33-year old Sarah Smith, underwent a very difficult divorce last year and are still co-owners of an insurance and financial services company.

Ms. Smith officially objected to her ex-husband’s name change, alleging his desired name could possibly harm their business, a fact that was recognized by the honorable judge Mary White in her decision.

The 42-year old man was visibly dissatisfied with the judgment when he exited the courthouse and promised to appeal the decision.

“My ex-wife is such a bitch that she won’t even let bear the name I want, and that judge is ok with that? Not me! I will appeal the decision for sure!”

Brian McNichols insists his demand isn’t motivated exclusively by vengeance but intended as part of a “positive spiritual and emotional liberation from a painful past”.

“I’m trying to make peace with the fact that it’s only her fault if she slept with both my brother and my best friend, then demanded the kids and 90% of what I had in the divorce.”

Brian McNichols was visibly dissatisfied with the court’s decision and vowed to appeal the judgment and get his name changed as soon as possible.

According to the law of Oregon, Mr. McNichols has 30 days to appeal the judgment if he insists on the exact proposed name and spelling.

He claims that if his appeal is denied or the judgment is confirmed by the court of appeal, he will simply “try various similar names until one is accepted”.

Name change refusals are extremely rare in Oregon and the U.S. in general, averaging only 1.4 cases per year in Oregon and 96.8 nationwide.

In most cases, the refused demands are from people trying to change their name in order to evade standing arrest warrants.

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