Ohio man has miraculous recovery after contracting COVID-19 during sex with infected dog

An Ohio man who was left on the brink of death after contracting COVID-19 has had a miraculous recovery reports the Springfield Herald.

James O’Keefe, 53, was volunteering at a local animal shelter when he contracted the coronavirus during an alleged sexual interaction with one of the animals.

O’Keefe claims he was unaware at the time that domestic pets such as cats and dogs could transmit the virus and hopes to warn others not to walk in his footsteps.

“I want the word to get out that having sex with domestic pets during the coronavirus pandemic could have dramatic consequences for your health and that of your loved ones,” James O’Keefe warned reporters.

James O’Keefe claims that he contracted the coronavirus after sexual interactions with several dogs at the animal shelter where he has been volunteering four days a week for the past eight years.

“I’ve always been fond of animals, but I think this time it all went too far,” a remorseful O’Keefe told reporters in tears.

O’Keefe claims that he has been depressed for several years since his girlfriend left him in 2012 and that this led him to unleash his sexual fantasies on animals at the shelter.

“If I can save only one life by sharing my story and help people restrain from having sex with their domestic pets at least until the pandemic is over, it will all have been worth it” O’Keefe added.

Bestiality is not a crime in the state of Ohio and James O’Keefe does not face any criminal charges at the moment.

All 230 animals at the animal shelter where James O’Keefe was a volunteer, and allegedly contracted the virus, have been euthanized for public safety have assured public authorities.

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