Obese Missouri couple sues hospital for refusing to perform reverse liposuction on their thin daughter

A couple of morbidly obese parents is suing the St. Louis Children’s Hospital for refusing to perform reverse liposuction surgery on their “skinny and light-boned” 4-year old daughter, demanding a $1,2 million compensation.

Jason and Maureen Moore from Oakville in Missouri, say they are both “heavy and big-boned”, but that their daughter Lily wasn’t as lucky and “looks anorexic”.

They asked her doctor several times to do something about “her being so shamefully underweight” but he refused.

They consulted three different doctors from the hospital with the same result, so Maureen Moore says they had no other choice than to sue the hospital to defend their daughter’s rights.

“When other people see this hollow-cheeked starveling, they think we underfeed her. Poor thing, she’s just skin and bones!”

Ms. Moore says this is a flagrant case of discrimination based on weight and a blatant violation of their family’s civil rights, as the hospital will “accept to make fat people thin, but not the other way around”.

“We want to help our daughter by correcting her weight problem through surgery, but those stubborn doctors refuse because they have a fetish for skinny chicks.”

Dr. Patrick Taylor, one of the doctors consulted by the Moore family at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, says he disagreed with the couple’s interpretation of “what is good for their daughter” and that is why he refused to perform the surgery.

The St. Louis Children’s Hospital denies any wrongdoing or any form of discrimination against overweight patients.

It a brief press release, it says its institutional policy about both liposuction and reverse liposuction surgeries is that such procedures are not to be performed on children younger than 8 years.

Experts disagree concerning the possible outcome of this unusual trial which is attracting a lot of media attention.

While some civil rights experts see this as a clear case of institutional discrimination and expect the Moore family to win, other experts in specializing in medical litigations say the hospital only applied its policy and did nothing wrong.

Jason and Maureen Moore insist that no matter what outcome the trial has, they will find a doctor willing to make their daughter “healthy and chubby”.

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