Obese couple makes three-story fall after floor collapses during sex

A 640-lbs man and his 450-lbs wife had a rather unusual accident last night as the floor of their apartment collapsed during a particularly intense sexual intercourse, causing the couple to fall three stories lower.

Michael Davis and Theresa Walker from Liverpool were having sex in their bedroom on the third floor of an apartment building when the structure collapsed.

The couple and their bed fell through three floors before bursting through a wall and ending up in a laundry room in the basement of the building.

Emergency services were rapidly called on the site and they were able to extract the unlucky lovers from their uncomfortable position.

Miraculously, the couple suffered only light injuries and no other residents of the building were injured as almost half of the 250-year old building collapsed.

Tom Watson, another resident of the building, claims the accident was predictable and could have been avoided.

“This couple had very loud sex a few times a week and the entire structure would shake every time. The walls cracked and the light flickered. This is an old building, it clearly wasn’t built to endure this kind of stress!”

Mr. Watson says the landlord was aware of the situation but did nothing to correct it.

“He said the fact that they were overweight didn’t justify their expulsion and he offered to build an additional support beam in my living room. Even if the rent is cheap, most of the other tenants had already left because th situation was unbearable”

Indeed, the two apartments below the couple have been unoccupied for months, a fact that explains the absence of casualties.

Mr. Watson, another resident of the building, says the collapse was unavoidable.

Tom Watson, who also resided in the building before the accident, says the collapse could have been avoided.

The Liverpool City Police has opened an investigation and some forensic engineers have been called to the site to determine the exact cause of the collapse.

Depending on the conclusions of the investigation, the landlord could possibly face criminal accusations of criminal negligence causing physical harm.

5 Comments on "Obese couple makes three-story fall after floor collapses during sex"

  1. Maniacal Laugh | June 19, 2020 at 7:35 am | Reply

    The Landlord would have been sued for discrimination if he had evicted them for being obease….and the British Government would have went after him if he had refused to rent to them in the first place because of their combined weight.

    What is completely evil, wicked,and vile is that this was the British Government’s fault not the Landlord’s.

    Do you think that the Landlord wanted them as Tennants? They drove other Tennants out of two apartments below them and rendered them unrentable.

    They cost him so much money in lost rent even before crashing through three floors.

    Hopefully he had insurance and it covers this malarky.

    If I were him I’d take the insurance money and move to a country in which it’s legal to discriminate against “disabilities’ so he never has to go through this again.

  2. Lucky the other residents left before it crashed.

  3. bro i only thought this was in cartoons

  4. fuckin disgusting… two people that large should never procreate. Can’t support two elephants in that house.

  5. hope they sue and get enough for lyposuction

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