Kim Jong-un’s hairdresser stabbed 74 times at home, reported as suicide by authorities

Kim Jong-un’s hairdresser who had reportedly gone missing days after he had cut the leader’s hair has now been found dead in his apartment, reports the Seoul Post this morning.

Pak Yong-Nam, 26, was found dead this week in his apartment after “stabbing himself 74 times and poisoning himself with cyanide” have confirmed Pyongyang authorities.

If the death of the hairdresser was reported as a suicide by Pyongyang authorities, the news was received with skepticism by international media outlets.

“Insider information leads us to believe Pyongyang authorities uncovered a plot by the Americans to make Kim Jong-un’s hair look ridiculous and which implicated Pak Yong-Nam,” said investigative reporter Lee Dae-Jung.

South Korean investigative reporter Lee Dae-Jung claims insider information led him to believe that Pyongyang uncovered a CIA plot in which Pak Yong-Nam was coerced to discredit Kim Jong-un by making his haircut “look ridiculous” to the world

“It appears Kim Jong-un did not appreciate having the world laugh at his expense and made his hairdresser pay dearly” admits journalist Lee Dae-Jung of the Seoul Post.

Experts believe that Kim Jong-un is the prime suspect behind the murder of his hairdresser, who gave him the famous haircut that has made him the “laughing stock of the world.”

“Some reports from within North Korea claim that he believed his hairdresser had ties to the CIA who ordered the haircut to shame him publicly in front of the world as an attempt to destabilize the regime,” admits the expert in North Korean politics.

Rumors of a secret homosexual relationship of the North Korean leader with his hairdresser could also explain the mysterious death have also claimed some media outlets.

This would not be the first time Kim Jong-un coldly executes alleged traitors of the regime as his uncle was fed to dogs after a disagreement and his sister allegedly died accidentally while falling asleep with her head in a microwave last February.

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  1. While he is crazy, from what I read the people in North Korea enjoy their lives.
    Everyone has a job, there is no crime, and they do not have homeless people living
    on the street. Kids are not afraid of getting shot on their way to school, and
    there is not a drug problem. They are self sustained, and seem to be doing fine.

    Who are we to judge them – look at the mess we live in.

  2. Yet, America could do nothing to blow his ugly head off and end the griefs of the North Korean people.

    • America has it own problems and if America did that then that will cause another war which no one can afford right now.

  3. Gregory Eweka | March 12, 2015 at 10:44 am | Reply

    He is a mad man .

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