New York rabbi arrested for selling thousands of foreskins on Craigslist

A New York rabbi known for his ultra-Orthodox stance on circumcision is facing charges stemming from a number of complaints received by the New York Police Department.

Rabbi Aaron Zayin was arrested last week after exchanging messages with a federal agent posing as a Craigslist user interested in purchasing “fresh baby foreskins,” according to the criminal complaint.

Rabbi Zayin is believed to have sold an estimated 5,200 foreskins since 2015 when he started selling the pieces of human skin on Craigslist and advocating their aphrodisiac qualities as well as their miraculous cancer curing and longevity effects.

“He would sell them in small bags, fried in oil with added spices and salt, like little onion rings, which seemingly made them more palatable and easier to consume,” 40th precinct New York Police Officer P.J. Hustler told reporters.

Although there is no law pertaining to the selling of human skin or foreskin, Zayin’s claims that his product could cure a number of diseases such as hemorrhoids, chronic flatulence, erectile dysfunction, and cancer made him liable to criminal charges explained New York Police Department spokesman P.J. Hustler.

“His product was so popular and in demand, he was forced to purchase foreskins from numerous synagogues around the country,” Officer P.J. Hustler added.

To supply to the demand, Rabbi Zayin would perform up to 40 Brit Milah’s a day, also known as “covenant of circumcision” in the Jewish faith, at his synagogue but also in his home garage, as well as local restaurants and even in public washroom areas.

“He harassed me and forced my poor son to have three circumcisions in three years. He barely has any skin left on his genitals,” one mother told reporters in tears.

All products that claim to prevent, diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure cancer must first be reviewed and approved by the FDA for safety and efficacy reasons and can be dangerous to both people and pets.

If convicted, Zayin could face a $500,000 fine and up to 1,087 years in jail according to current New York state laws, believe experts.

6 Comments on "New York rabbi arrested for selling thousands of foreskins on Craigslist"

  1. Seriously – you are all fucking idiots.

  2. 3 in 3 years, thought you you could only be done once, to bring head out of foreskin. this is a barbaric practice that is akin to female genital mutilation by the islamic cult.

  3. No one should ever be circumcised without first giving their permission when a legal adult, religious or not. It’s cruel, unfair and unnecessary. Hospitals shouldn’t be asking parents if they want it done. Girls are federally protected, why aren’t boys?

    • I agree, but I’d say the reason it’s illegal to do to girls is because they remove the clitoris, as well as the labia majora (little girls don’t have developed labia minora yet). Doing something like that on a male would be like…removing the entire head of the penis.

  4. Sorry for your child. We are all victims of the scumbag doctors and/or Rabbis. Don’t trust any of them

  5. robbert plink | June 10, 2019 at 11:23 am | Reply

    One can only laugh but one should not because this whole filthy custom is so tragic.”He harassed me and forced my poor son to have three circumcisions in three years. He barely has any skin left on his genitals,” one mother told reporters in tears.” what kind of an idiot is this woman is this woman fit to be left in charge of a child. I might add that the medical profession in The US has been claiming circumcision does all of these things with no evidence at all that they do. and of course Hospitals are not being investigated for the sale of foreskins to medical organisations or the cosmetics industry where they are used to produce rejuvenating cremes I am sure that the victims of these mutilations are not seeing any cut in their tissue being sold on the open market. The simplemindedness of so many of the public boggles the mind.

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