New Mexico: 116 Injured after Drunk Police Officer Tazes Suspect in Pool

Albuquerque, NM | An Albuquerque police officer has been suspended of his duties after injuring no fewer than 116 people and leaving three in critical condition after using his taser gun on a 14-year-old suspect who was swimming in a local pool.

Officer John F. Kelly who claims he was actively pursuing a possible suspect in a drug trafficking lead, showed up at the private pool and proceeded to arrest the suspect who allegedly refused to come out of the pool, leaving the police officer no other choice than to taze him, thus delivering over 50,000 volts of electricity to the pool swimmers, mostly young age children and teenagers.

“The officer was completely drunk, we could barely understand what he was saying” explains Barbara Chang, mother of two.

“He was pointing at a group of Latino teenagers, telling them to drop their weapons, but no one had any weapon, they were just playing in the pool,” she told local reporters.

drunk officer

A witness’s cellphone captured dramatic images of the scene moments after Officer John F. Kelly had delivered an astonishing 50,000 volts of electricity to the pool full of children and teenagers

116 injured

No fewer than 116 swimmers were left injured by the electric shock but only three remain in critical condition.

Albuquerque Police Department spokesman, Alberto Ramirez, claims the incident is gang-related.

“Although the suspect was wrongfully identified in this case, we believe the police officer acted on behalf of his concerns for the security of the general public, unfortunately leading to this tragic incident,” he told local reporters.

The police officer has been suspended with pay and the Albuquerque Police Department promises an investigation around the incident.

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  1. Interesting news I love it

  2. who is this drunken cop’per related to, that he got to skip training? Did the kid look like a traditionally? He he have dark skin? U know cops,. They never pass up on an opportunity to shoot a ‘N(**a’, as the cops refer to as black people. Just imagine how much worse this is gonna get when the One World Order is instituted.

  3. Why is this crazy police officer on *paid* suspension? Paid?? Especially if he was drunk!! Police think they can get away with anything and they usually DO!

  4. New Mexico is an Ametican State.

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